Hurst q review scores

  1. I would like to know if 82, 82, and 85 are up to par with others who are taking the tests or have passed nclex. Can you share your scores. I know median should be 84. Thanks!
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  3. by   Alexandra4rmtexas
    My score for the LVN Hurst review on 6/9/13 was 86/125. I succesfully passed NCLEX on 6/10/13 i would recomment reviewing your questions and answers the day before the test again, and printing out 5th day materials mainly Meds, and LAb values. I felt like i knew everything on the test, if u are taking ur RN, then i beleive you should watch the video over management and delagation or review that section in ur book the day off ur test or before. No chilling on ur days before ur test.
  4. by   Alexandra4rmtexas
    also my friend did a 70/125 for LVN Q review and she passed also. although she felt worse after the test though.
  5. by   lnle3618
    Thanks. Ive printed all 5th day material. Im taking rn
  6. by   NurseNightOwl
    My Q-review scores for the RN review have been 104/125, 99/125, 98/125, 98/125 (with 14 repeated questions), and 101/125 (with 5 repeated questions). I haven't taken the 6th one yet.
  7. by   raj89
    My scores for RN are 89/127 , 79/125, 91/126. I still have more 3 to do.
  8. by   yasmine241
    Mine is 88/125. I have 5 more 😀
  9. by   OlivetheRN
    I got anywhere from 90 to 105 on my 6.
  10. by   ARTPOPIST
    I've had a 97/125 and 86/125 so far.