How/what to do to transfer Pearson Vue info to take in another state

  1. 0 I just finished nursing school and am waiting to take my Nclex. I have been waiting weeks now and have to move back home to another state. Too long of a story. How do I transfer my info and is it a huge problem? Do I call my school or Pearson Vue? I would wait, but my school says another 5 weeks and financially I am already strapped and need to go back home.

    Anyone been in a similar situation?

    Any info would help.
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    You need to apply for a license by examination in the new state and then pay Pearson to change your state board of nursing. ( if you already paid the $200 test fee I think the fee to change states before testing is $50-$100). You will have to make sure that your school sends the educational transcripts to the new board of nursing. And possibly contact the original state to cancel your application ( most likely no refund).

    It might be less costly to take the NCLEX
    & get licensed in state A and endorse to the new state.
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    We already paid and sent in our applications, so I don't mind paying the extra fee. I am just thinking ahead because after a certain date I have to be out of my apt and I really can't stay anywhere else.
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    You don't have to physically remain in the first state to have a license there. The issue might be more complicated if both states are members of the nursing license compact agreement.
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    Thank you.

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