How to write a petition for a retest in kansas... How to write a petition for a retest in kansas... | allnurses

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How to write a petition for a retest in kansas...

  1. 0 I took my nclex test last Jan. 12 and got my result after a week and found out that I failed. I want to retake the test as soon as possible. Does somebody knows how to file a petition for a retake in kansas? Please help. Thank you.
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    You need to find out what the waiting period to retest is. Here in MD, it's 45 days. I think some states may even be 90.
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    It is 45-90 days. I checked the requirements and it requires petition, which should be submitted before the board meeting on march. I still don't understand about the study plan and other things that I need to submit.
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    You should be able to reschedule pretty soon. My friend had to take it 3 times and she had the next test date lined up quickly after the first time she failed. I'll give her a call tonight and see what she had to do. And yes I am a resident of KS.
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    Oh that is wonderful.. I'm just eager to get everything done. Thank you so much .
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    am also going through the same situation...plz any one can tell me about how to make a good study plan?to submit kansas state board..
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    hi monica,

    am anitha,graduated from india..can you plz help me to prepare this petition...i think u already did it...
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    A petition? Wow. I just had to pay the $200 in NY with pearsonvue then call board of professions to inform them I paid. In 15 minutes I got my ATT to schedule within 45 days.
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    thanks dear..but its entirely different from that....i just wrote 1 time and failed...then bcz of some problems i couldn't complete my exam within last 2 i have to do a lot of paperworks and i need approval from them to retake an exam...
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    are you from kansas?