How to get motivated to study for NCLEX?

  1. I just graduated December 14th, and now I'm just waiting for my ATT. Usually I am a very motivated person, but I just can't seem to concentrate enough to study for NCLEX. I'm wanting to take the NCLEX asap, so I know within a month I'll be taking it. Any tips on how to motivate myself to study??
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  3. by   Racer15
    I took a review class with Hurst. It was expensive but it forced me to study a little bit. My NCLEX is scheduled for January 3rd, so having a date set in stone is also kind of giving me a bit of a push.
  4. by   allabtu
    Everyone has good way of study tips but its any ones guess as to what material is right for you. Some need 8 weeks of review some only need three weeks. My advice from instructors was to read 2-4 chapters a day. The NCLEX gives PN's & RN's a detailed test plan. Make sure you know your content based on these. For PN there is 150 care activities and they stick by them like glue. Pass it the first time because the test is much harder the second time you take it. I'm on my third try, I was an A student with little trouble through out the program. When NCLEX showed its ugly face it was a world of its own. Some breeze through because they have critical thinking skills like superman and people like me have a photo graphic memory which is no help in the NCLEX world. I'm not a good person for advise but there is some awesome nurses on here that can lead you in the right direction in any questions you might have. This sight has given me some great tips which gives me hope for my third time.
  5. by   agldragonRN
    You're probably burned out. You are almost at your destination so get that RN/LPN title. I recommend you continue to do NCLEX style questions everyday.

    Good Luck!
  6. by   porkey2
    [QUOTE=allabtu;7081441] Pass it the first time because the test is much harder the second time you take it.[QUOTE]

    I disagree, I took it twice and passed the second time, the only reason I believe I failed the first time was because I rushed thru it without even reasoning things through, also my studying was all over the place. Look, thing is, I was an alright student, I didn't get all A's but made pretty decent grades; the second time I took, I studied my butt off, I used saunders, someones left over kaplan, but if you don't have access, find the question trainers, also nclex 3500. I did about 4000 questions, also looked stuff up in saunders that I didn't understand. I honestly felt it was easier the second time around, probably cause I studied my butt off and trust me if I can do it, you can too. If you can put the time and effort in, you will pass.
  7. by   mcaselogic
    As soon as I graduated, I signed up for the Kaplan review course. It's exhausting but you can do it. I did 100 questions each day for 3 months. Try not to use so many different study guides (e.g. Saunders, Hurst) at the same time because it'll only waste your time and perhaps confuse you. I do recommend you doing as many questions as possible. The more questions you've tackled, the better prepared you are for NCLEX. Pick one study guide and stick to it. Read every rationale and write/type and review them. Relax and try not to overwhelm yourself (easier said than done haha).

    Positive vibes!

  8. by   thenursemandy
    If you download an app on your phone or tablet, it's kinda a game.
    That's how I studied. Took the NCLEX-RN this morning.
  9. by   missy6499
    I graduated in May and took NCLEX in august and failed I took a review class in middle of october, really bummed now they reccomended waiting until after thanksgiving to take test again but now I already feel rusty. I agree sticking with one study guide or book! One huge thing I found extremely helpful from taking that class was they say to study on computer in 2 hour intervals so it prepares you more for the real feeling of sitting down in at site taking NCLEX. I wish you the best of luck hopefully I will be scheduling mine again and pass!!! so disappointing and frustrating
  10. by   allabtu
    I wish I could have said the test was easier the second time, but truly I believe if you lack in any of the four categories the test plan offers the test zero's in on it. My paper should be in today hopefully so I can begin addressing where my mistakes lay. I 100% agree that a person should stick to one study plan and focus their energy to it. What I have seen each study strategy offer something unique that unleashes that persons ability to pass the nclex. The problem I have pertaining to the test is critical thinking. If I can understand what nclex wants dealing in critical thinking then I would be in a better situation. Physical Therapy uses much different critical thinking than a nurse uses same as a radiologist is thinking differently than an antithesis (sic). But any case the idea is to never give up and find that key to unleash the power of CARE!