How many December grads will be taking NCLEX soon? - page 2

I graduated Dec 15, 2012 and I am just now taking the NCLEX-RN March 11. I postponed it for personal reasons. Everything was screwed up for me but things are slowly stabilizing. Most of my class (but 3 of us) have taken and... Read More

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    Hi, I graduated on 12/19/12... I'm scheduled to take the NCLEX on 3/25/13. Looking back, I really regret having taken this long.... I hope that the extra time will work in my favor.

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    I graduated 12/14 and took the test 2/12. I'm an RN. :-)
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    Graduated 12/12/12...tested on 1/3/13 and passed!

    If you needed time off that's fine don't let it discourage you. Plenty of ppl take time off and come back and pass you can do it too! Good luck!
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    Graduated also on December 15, 2012 and took my boards on Feb.13 and passed. Good luck to you and anyone else taking their NCLEX.
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    Im taking it on march 18. I'm a little nervous being that i don't know what to expect.
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    Quote from cherribonbon
    Im taking it on march 18. I'm a little nervous being that i don't know what to expect.
    What is the best way to practice for the Test?
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    can anyone here please help me with infection control?? if u some kind of material that help me to remember easily, please email or pm me i will really appreciate.
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    I completed my lpn in April 2009. I have taken the nclex pn test three times without any success any advice to help me pass. any comment will be appreciated, thanks
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    I am a December grad taking it March 12... I do not feel prepared
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    I graduated 11/27/12, signed up for the test and passed with 75 questions on 1/3/13! That was the earliest test date after I got my ATT 12/20 ). Congrats to all test takers and future test takers! You can do it!!!

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