How long for NCLEX-PN results with criminal history?

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    Hi there...I just took the NCLEX-PN in California on 3/26/07. I also had a minor incident in the past which requires my results to go through the enforcement unit at the board. After speaking with the enforcement unit they told me it takes the unit 3-4 to receive my results plus however long it takes to process and send it out to me. They said I will probably have to wait at least 5 more weeks for my results (vice the typical 2-3 weeks my classmate have received theirs in). My question is: Is there anyone else out there with a criminal history and how did it effect the amount of time it took to receive your results? It just doesn't sound right that if results can be mailed out within 2-3 weeks, why would it take that long for the enforcement unit to receive them within the same building....Thank you...

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    nurse2bemom have you received your results. mine is also going through enforcement. I took mine on 03/27/07. Ive called today and they said it should be only a few more days.
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    I have not received my results will be 4 weeks on Monday. I called last week and they told me they should finish processing the results from 3/26 by the end of this week, however, THEN, they will be sent to the enforcement unit and then however long it takes from there. So, last week they said it would be about 2 more weeks. Did they tell you it would be a couple more days until they got to 3/27 or are your results already with the enforcement unit (and it will be a couple more days)? Do you know whether the results will still go to the enforcement unit first (before they mail them out) even if you fail? By the way...thanks for the reply..I had just about given up on this post.
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    I hope you got my message. well I ve called several times the first time said i should get them in three weeks which was 04/17/07. tuesday i called they said they mailed them out 04/13/07 so the guy asked for my ssn then he said they could not send me my results untill my background was cleared, then he transfered me to some lady in another dept who handles backgrounds etc. she said the same thing and it should be another week. i called yesterday and the lady had said my case was in enforcement and before they can issue my license they need to make sure im no threat to society. she said it could be a few more days. i asked you guys do this if we pass or fail she said yes. but this happened to my classmate he got his result in 4 wks he passed. i just dont see them to take all this time if we did not pass do you understand. if we failed just send us our paper saying we failed. I just dont what to think anymore. until i got out of the testing for three weeks im thinking i failed. but im not sure anymore. i went all the way up to 205q. well let me know what you think.
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    Do you know anything about DUI's. Do they give you trouble with that? My sister got one and shes trying to be part of the lpn program. She scared that they wont let her be a nurse with a dui.
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    tinamexdoll....I feel the same way you do. Why would the results need to go to enforcement if we failed. There should be nothing further to look into. It seems strange that they told you yours should've been sent out on the 13th, cuz when I called on the 12th, I talked to the lady that processes the results (results dept.) and she said they had just finished on the the test results for 3/20. So, they wouldn't have gotten to yours yet. Well, since you talked to them this week, hopefully that means my stuff is with the enforcement unit too. It sucks cuz I sent all of the paperwork they wanted regarding the incident a couple of months ago. So, you would think they would already have it "preapproved" or "predenied" and then all they would need to do is get your results and send it off. I mean really, how long do they need? You've already spelled everything out for them with the paperwork you provide them and if they are doing a "background check", well, that only takes a couple of minutes on a computer. I wouldn't worry about the length of time being an indicator of whether you passed or failed. I would think the wait time for us would be longer if we passed. (if the fail results didn't have to go through the enforcement unit). I got 85 questions, but, I felt like I may not have gotten hard enough questions to pass. Don't get me wrong...not saying it was easy. I have at least one person in my class who took her test and got all 205 and passed. Maybe I will call today. Keep me posted. If I find something out, I will let you know.
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    lizzyette....I know without a doubt she would have to disclose the information to the board of vocational nursing. She would have to provide court documents showing what the punishment was, police reports and proof of complying with the punishment that was set forth. She would also need to provide a personal letter to the board to describe the incident in her own words. So, there is a process..I can not say, however, whether they will approve or deny. It is a case by case basis. I would think they would take into consideration, any other criminal history, the details of the incident, how long it has been since the incident, proof of rehabilitation (what she's done since the incident). I would call the board before starting the lpn program just to see if they could offer more detailed information. I don't think that it is an immediate disqualifier.
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    hey guys i just passed the nclex yesterday

    unfortunately i got dui right before the test date so now i gotta report to the board

    does anybody know they might revoke me cuz i didn't report right away?

    i didn't want them to delay my exam date so i didn't mention anythin

    i got dui after i got ATT(after fingerprints got cleared) though
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    lizzyete, i really dont think it should be a problem like what nurse2bemom said. my sister had one that was 20 yrs ago but she had to do a few things like nurse2mom said. well i hope everything is okay good luck.
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    arin9020 i heard they can revoke or loose your license. but you need to follow up with them. good luck hope everything goes well.

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