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I took the NCLEX on July 11th, 265 questions, worst experience of my life, thought for certain I had failed, but lo and behold, I got the good pop-up on the PVT! Thank God. My thanks to all of you posters out there whose posts... Read More

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    Quote from orangejuice123
    OMG! Thank you so much! This definitely helped me calm down a little bit. And just like what you said, some of my friends even took theirs a day or 2 after my date and they already got their result I was like " I dont get it!" . I'm just hoping that I'll get my result soon. Thank you so much Babeebeanie !
    No prob

    I was very anxious like you last week because i cant find anyone who had/have the same problem as mine.. LOL. .. im a patient person.. and i can wait for a week or even 2 weeks for my result but seeing those names made me anxious.. and made me feel that maybe i failed... i know that i should be happy for them because they passed and had their names posted.. but still.. you know...
    I saw myself in you... So i hope you get your result right away.. and dont worry i think PVT really does work

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    My name is still not showing at the BRN website.. This is killing me!
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    Yay! I passed!!! PVT definitely works! Im now a RN
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    i told you orange


    we are now an RN! wooot!!
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    It's been three days's now official!!!!!!!! I am a licensed registered nurse.

    Good luck to everyone out there readying to take the NCLEX. I can not tell you how much of a relief it is to have the NCLEX out of the way. I can now get ready for my new job.
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    Congrats to everyone! You guys are seriously lucky. I'm having the worst luck. I took the NCLEX two weeks ago on Tuesday, June 28, and I still don't see my name on the BON. All I can really do is wait, which is absolutely torturous.

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