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I took the NCLEX on July 11th, 265 questions, worst experience of my life, thought for certain I had failed, but lo and behold, I got the good pop-up on the PVT! Thank God. My thanks to all of you... Read More

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    i told you orange


    we are now an RN! wooot!!
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    It's been three days's now official!!!!!!!! I am a licensed registered nurse.

    Good luck to everyone out there readying to take the NCLEX. I can not tell you how much of a relief it is to have the NCLEX out of the way. I can now get ready for my new job.
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    Congrats to everyone! You guys are seriously lucky. I'm having the worst luck. I took the NCLEX two weeks ago on Tuesday, June 28, and I still don't see my name on the BON. All I can really do is wait, which is absolutely torturous.
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    wait is killing me…i retook my exam on friday july 31…try trick got so called good pop up…but still can't calm my nerves ..keep checking BON but my name is not shown up yet….plz can anybody tell me is there any other way to know result ???? should i need to keep studying or wait for result