How I passed Nclex I year out of school!!!! :)

  1. I just took the RN-Nclex last week, I graduated last june and just sat for boards and PASSED. This is what I did!!!! I tried to read Kaplan, Exam cram, Saunders 3rd or 4th (the new blue book) and even bought the NCSBN (this did not help, I did the pre-test and that was it), do not waist your money. All of theses books had some great info but I felt very over whelmed when trying to study them. What I did was I took the saunders CD went into study mode and did all the questions in each content area cardiac, neuro, resp, pharm when I did each question there are like 5200 I wrote the question on a big note card with the answer at the bottom on the back of the card I wrote out the rationale, the rationales is what helped me the most, when I got to my test I felt like I was well prepared, also you need to know the infection control neumonic, I mean it. When you learn the rationales it really teaches a lot about complications, my entire test was on complications, learning the complications helped me with all my priortization and delegation questions. Then 2 weeks before my test I went over my little cards over and over. I learned so so much.
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    i hope i post something like this next week!
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    Thank You
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    congrats! my friend told me too that she didn't read much and just did the Saunders Q&A on tutor mode. Im planning on doing that this sunday, I test 2 weeks from now and I'm really scared and felt unprepared when I'm already been studying so much!
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    Thanks extremely helpful!
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