Hope this will encourage you

  1. This is a scene from the movie, "Facing Giants."
    As you just watched, the coach asks his players to do a warm-up called the "death crawl." Each player gets on their hands and feet and crawl 10 yards while carrying a teammate on his back. After the warm-up, one of the players asks if the opposing team is ready for this week's game. A teammate doubts the readiness of his team. The coach asks, "You've already written this weeks game as a loss?" The player replies, "Not if i know we can beat them." The coach wants to make a point by making the player do another death crawl. The coach asks how far the player thinks he can go, which is 30 yards. Optimistic, the coach bets 50 yards...blind-folded. Because the coach doesn't want him to be tempted to stop when he feels he's done enough. The player begins the death crawl. We see him struggling. everything hurts. but the coach encourages him to give it his ALL. his ALL. 10 steps. He doesn't feel like he can do it. 5 steps to go. He's almost there. 3 steps. 2. and 1. and guess what. he's in the end zone (starting from the other end, he went 100 yards). He did better than what he thought he could do, and more, because he gave it his all.

    i guess the moral of the video is to not rely on how far you NEED to go, but rather on how far you CAN go.
    I think we can relate this to studying for the NCLEX. This is my second attempt and I cannot even begin to tell you how scared I am to fail. I know my parents mean well when they try to encourage me to keep going, picture a date in mind and set your intense one-month study plan, but all i feel is pressure. this video motivated me to not pay attention so much as to how much material i feel i need to cover before test day, let alone how much i need to crunch in into a month. rather i should give it my all and study the hardest i can until i have nothing left. not necessarily to the point of burning out, but to not give up.

    Keep going. don't be overwhelmed by the amount you need to study. pray. destress (workout/walk/powernap, but not too long). have faith in yourself. make a goal and watch yourself exceed that goal. forget the stress of overwhelming material and maybe you'll do more than what you thought you can do.
    also, don't discourage yourself with the failure of someone else or with the scares they had. they're not YOU. you have the potential to pass this exam. and you will!
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  3. by   kemifair
    Thanku for that encouraging words.# sometimes I feel like giving up after 9 times im burnfed out.
  4. by   Raewynv
    As a student who is having a second go at the first year, You must never give up if you want to get through.
  5. by   kemifair
    I will never give up even though iy hurts. I have to keep going to pass. Sometimes I say how dumb could I be.