Hesi Comp review NCLEX-PN vs Saunders comp review NCLEX-PN

  1. 0 Ok so my nursing school gave us the Saunders Comp Review NCLEX-PN book BUT, we have a HESI for every class and also an Exit Hesi. Has anyone used the Hesi-PN book and the cd that came with it? Is it worth having or is the regular Nclex book good enough? I do not want to waste my money on the Hesi book.
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    I bought the Saunder 5th ed. study guide and didn't really care for it. It was long and boring, I basically skimmed over it, that's it. What helped me pass was the Hurst Qbank and ATI we did during school. I did the live Hurst Review which helped some, but I felt like I got more strategy tips then anything that really worked.
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    Ok thanxs I was asking more about the hesi book because I have to take those for my program with each class. My mom just ordered me the book today and I like the hesi book way better than my saunders nclex pn its more organized and straight to the point.

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