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HELP! Self review or Review center..

  1. 0 Hi! I am so confused on whether staying on self review or enroll in a review center before I take my NCLEX.

    So here's a little info about me:
    - I graduated in the Philippines, and still here until the NCLEX
    - Above average student but needs to read the materials 2-3x to fully understand
    - I depend on the ability of the lecturers, if they are boring I wont understand even a bit, but if they're great I am a fast learner
    - I'm a family man
    - Used all available resources just to take the NCLEX.
    - Motivated to pass the NCLEX!

    I really need to pass in one take, which is making me more anxious.

    I am currently on self review. The books that I have bought are Saunders Comprehensive 5th ed, Saunders Q&A 4th ed, Kaplan Strategies, LaCharity book. I didn't want to overwhelm myself with too many materials so these are the only books that I got. Should I buy other books?

    Now I can't decide whether to continue on self review until I take my exams, or to enroll in a review center to gain additional info and confidence.

    I really need advice!
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    Most people are successful studying on their own but if you feel you could benefit from attending a review, then, do so. Good luck.
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