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    I graduate in may and want to know what people are using to prepare for nclex. I bought a kaplan 2013 strategies book and questions. We use ati in school, so was going to use that. I'm taking a review class in may. What oils should I get to practice nclex questions.

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    Hi, my school uses Kaplan. We have used it all through the program just like you use ATI in yours. They have just given us access to the Qbanks and question trainers test. They have a method called the "Decision Tree" to help you analyze the questions. I graduate in May also, and so far I had been doing the Kaplan Focused Reviews and Saunders. But I really liked the decision tree method. It gave me a method to making the correct answer choice if i wasnt sure what I should pick. There is also two kaplan books free for download on Kindle. You can find them on amazon. #1 is Kaplans Basics book, its green. #2 is Kaplan RN Coursebook, its brown. These two are really helping me as well. You can download Kindle for PC to see these books. I have access to ATI and have done some of the test on there. When I compare both I feel Kaplans questions make you go further in your critical thinking, but teaches you all you need to know in the rationals. I hope this helps. Oh I also bought the RN book off the " Ready to Pass" website. It sounds like a lot but really its not. I use Saunders to review content I'm not sure about, and Kaplan and ATI to do practice questions on different levels. I found this website and used her advice and bought one of the SATA books for one cent. FREE NCLEX Review Quizzes, Exams, Questions and Resources Good Luck, from one May 2013 graduate to the Next.
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    Thanks made new I appreciate it. I can't afford kaplan which is like 500 bucks. I am doing this review class for three days that a man in Ohio and surrounding areas. I'm just freaked. I did and thus far have done well in nursing school. I just don't want to fail ;(
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    are you doing LPN or RN?
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    Doing RN
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    I'm doing RN
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    the NBCSN is good i thought it was
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    I used examcram (both review book and practice questions), Kaplan q trainers, nclex 3500 and an app for my iphone called nclex RN qbank. I feel that the examcram is a good basic review and doing tons of questions is the bet bet. I just passed at 75 a few weeks ago. Good luck!!
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    I used the HURST live review, but I likely would have passed without it. In all honesty, aside from attending that review, I didn't study, and I passed in 75 questions.
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    Thanks everyone for ur insight. I greatly appreciate it

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