HELP!!! Failed NCLEX first time around.

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    I am really in need for some advice!

    First, a little about me. I just graduated in May with Magna Cum Laude honors from a great nursing school in Ohio. I am a non-traditional student with a husband and two small children (aged 2 and 6). I worked my tail off in school because honestly, I could not afford to NOT succeed. My family is poor and actually as of now (due to crazy preceptor hours and my husband having to cut back on hours at work) we lost our apartment and we are currently living with my in-laws.

    Also, I should mention that I absolutely love psych nursing! I have ever since I started nursing school, it is something I know I am meant to do. There happens to be a brand new psych hospital opening up in my area and I went, interviewed for a position there and got the job (no other hospital around is willing to hire someone right out of school into a specialty) but it was obviously based on my passing the NLCEX.

    I studied my tail off for the NCLEX. I did almost 3000 questions between Kaplan and other resources. I mainly used Kaplan because again, I don't have money and our school paid for it. I did EVERY SINGLE Qbank question and all 7 question trainers. My scores ranged from the mid 50's to the low 60's. I reviewed EVERY SINGLE QUESTION and the rationales every time I took the tests although I admit, I did not have time to review the content areas that I was weakest on in depth because of my children and my husbands work schedule.

    On the day of the test, I woke up at 5am (exam was not until 8 but you have to get there half an hour early and it took a while to get there). My husband had to drive me because we only have one car. I had a five hour energy drink (which I now know was a mistake lol) and I was SOO extremely scared and nervous that I thought I might throw up. It just so happened that three of my classmates were taking the exam at the exact time and place as me so that added to the pressure (we all know how competitive nursing students can be). Then I get to the exam and I have mostly the dreaded select all that apply questions. Once I passed the 75 question mark and the computer kept going, I think I just let the nerves get to me and felt defeated (I ended up getting all 265 questions). Got home, did the Pearson Vue trick, and cried for the next week.

    I really don't wanna sound like a sob story because I know that every person who doesn't pass the first time feels awful. Honestly, I cannot afford to not pass the NLCEX this time. My family is struggling.....I don't have the money to pay to take it again if I fail this time around (it would literally mean taking food out of my children's mouths). Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. At first, I thought that maybe it was mostly because my nerves got to me but thinking back now, there was a lot of content that I just didn't know. So do I study content? Do I keep practicing questions? I obviously cannot prepare for this test like I did other tests in school so I don't know how to start studying the content if that is what I need to do.

    I feel so lost. I lost my dream family is still struggling after so many years of hard work......I just don't know what to do. I am trying to pick myself back up after this and it is hard....finding the confidence to try again. I am sure a whole lot of factors went into not passing it the first time.....but I don't know how to sort it all out.

    Again....any help/advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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    Hi Amber, I want to apologize and tell you that I understand your situation completely. It sound exactly as my own. I been crying and depressed for the last 2 days. I took boards Monday morning, suffered a gruesome 6 hours, in which I ran out of time and still didnt complete my exam, I made it to question 242/265. I did the PVT in which I was prompted to proceed to reregister which only brought tears to my eyes because I already knew what this meant. I have 3 small children to provide for, ages 7, 3, and 2. I was very much depending on passing my exam the first time and getting on with my life continuing my internship. Most of my fellow classmates and internship colleags have passed their boards. Please know, you are not the only one out there and as dreadful and scary as it is, we must do it again.
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    Sorry guys, please try to get an nclex review content book. Study and know the materials before you do
    any guestions, pray fervently as you study and the MOST HIGH GOD will give you success....Stay Blessed
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    Thank you for the reply MsMia and I am sorry for your situation as well. I think that first and foremost we probably need to get into the right mindset. For the last two and a half weeks I have felt like I could not get back to studying again but today was better than yesterday and I think it may be time. I am meeting with some other people who failed tomorrow to maybe form a study group. I am hoping and praying that we both make it this time. We should keep in touch, if nothing else, to lift each other up and help give one another the confidence we need to kick this things butt!!
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    Hi amber just regroup and study again. When did you took the exam
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    Amber, Hold your head up high! You graduated from NURSING SCHOOL, that in itself is tough! The only advise is have is to continue to do practice tests. There are NCLEX books that can be checked out of the library, I probably did 100-200 questions a day for about 2 weeks before the test. If you have an iPhone you can get free Lippincott apps that also have tests and rationales (not always correct, but I've seen wrong ones in the books too). Hopefully you will get the report from Pearson that shows where your weakness' are, and that can help direct your study plan.
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    This time around study different. When you answer the question KNOW why it is right or wrong. Don't just guess at it 100 questions every day starting today and focus on what you as a nurse can do to improve a pts condition or which pt you would assign or assess first. On your drugs know what they are for as you may see a question telling you a pt is in afib which med would you give lisinopril, Lopressor, Coumadin, Cardizem? you can actually give all of these but only one is for the rhythm that would be your answer. When you sit down for NCLEX next time you take a break at 75 questions or 1 hour whichever comes first and stay on that routine until you are finished also once you answer a question move on quit thinking about it you can not go back and change it.
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    I took it on July 10th and just re-registered and paid for everything this passed Monday
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    Thank you so much for all the helpful tips everyone!! It is gonna be a hard road but I think I am ready to start again. Wish me luck next time!
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    Quote from AmberTee
    I took it on July 10th and just re-registered and paid for everything this passed Monday
    where did you re-register? is it on the BON or Pearson vue? i thought there is a 45 days waiting time?

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