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I took my NCLEX last December 7 and I found out I failed for the third time. though im confident to take it cos i studied alot. I reviewed fulltime everytime I will take my NCLEx but the last try was really upset me the most. I... Read More

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    i feel very bad about you all.. but as you said you finished your 265 q in 4 hours right? you had 2 hours more. i think you should never rush and hurry in exam. whenever you sit in the exam have one thing in mind that say that to yourself that i am going to sit this exam last time and doest matter if it will take fully 6 hours, i did only 75 q in 1 hr 45 mint.... even suppose your single- single question as last chance ...and assume that if you give best to this question you can pass.yes yes..then go to next..then use same thing..then go thisa way do 1-75 or 1-265 question. do your best.... and make important notes and read then again and again. and do thousanda of question..but make sure...single single question is importanat, read rational deeply................. and never select option so quickly in excitement to know the next question............concentrate on q which you have at one time.........i tried my best to explain..i dont know whether m success or not.............. thx.........QUESTION WANT ATTENTION,IF YOU GIVE , THEN QUESTION WILL GIVE YOU RN LICENSE...IF YOU DONT THEN Q WILL BE.................thx
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    Hey i pass on my third chance Feuer review helped me i recommend it. I left from 1 above passing and 7 below passing Standard to PASSED. It is clear that you where doing somethings right but also some wrong try again and try to remain focus get rid of the nervousness. Yo can do it ok dont give up.

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