Have Saunders 2010-2011, should I buy more recent?

  1. Hi, I just graduated on 5/10 with BSN, and I congratulate those who have done the same. I bought the Saunders Comprehensive Review for Nclex-RN 5th e in 2011 or so. Is it still good for study in 2013, or should I just toss this and buy new ones? I plan to buy other new books such as Kaplan and Lacharity anyways, but let me know about this one.

    THANK YOU!!! and happy reviewing
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  3. by   NurseNightOwl
    I would recommend Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN (Pearson Reviews & Rationales) Second edition by Maryann Hogan. I have the yellow Saunders (is that the one you're talking about?) and I like the Hogan book SO much better.
  4. by   tarotale
    hey kiss thanks for your input! Yes, I have that yellow saunders comprehensive nclex review; that one that looks like a twinkie lol. i do plan to buy your recommended book by Hogan, heard it is so excellent. Thanks!
  5. by   franly1222
    you know what tarotale, i took my nclex exam last april 2013 and the computer stopped me at 76 questions an i passed. the books that used is saunders comprehensive review 4th edition which is older version from the one you are using. I read the saunders 3 times cover to cover and organized my notes in a fashion way. review the notes frequently. First month of my review i focused more on content and took quize immediately right after the end of the chapter with a goal to hit at least 80% correct. Last remaining two months of my review i enrolled Kaplan and consistently hit 65% or higher in Q bank and practice test.

    YOu can do it. I will tell that kaplan approach is very close to nclex questions.

    Good luck nurse.
  6. by   tarotale
    @franly: wow 3 times cover to cover and notes for the whole darn book? the book is massive too! I have also been hearing a lot about Qbank and Qtrainer, so I am sure I try to get that to gain access to questions. Thanks for the info!