Got the Dreaded "On Hold" Popup...

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    Just got home from my NCLEX-RN. I got 75 questions and was done in about an hour. I had only about 15 SATA, 1 ECG, 1 math, 1 picture, and 2 drag and drops. I feel like I failed for some reason. If I remember back 2.5 years when I took my NCLEX-PN, I got 85 questions and felt like I failed too when in all reality I passed. I got the dreaded 'on hold' pop-up and was wondering how long holds are usually in place? I'm sure it totally depends but wondering if those who have got the 'on hold' popup could let me know how long they had to wait. Not sure why I got the 'on hold' popup but I did have to use the restroom at question 50 and had a little trouble with the palm scanner because my hand was still wet from washing. Any insight here? I'm trying to stay positive and calm but it is a seemingly impossible task.

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    I got that pop up too a few days ago. That pop up is the worst because it can go both ways! When I first got that pop up, I came on here searching for answers as to what it can mean. As for me, the hold eventually turned out to be a good pop up in just 2 days. It changed the day I got my quick results which I definitely paid for. The wait is excruciatingly painful but the only thing you CAN do is wait.... After I took my exam, I was sure that I had failed too. It's easier said than done, but you really should do something to get your mind away from the unknown results. I'll cross my fingers for you!!
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    Thanks @prime for the encouraging words. I am doing the same thing you did...researching like crazy about this pop up. I do realize that it can go either way and that's what has me so nervous. I'm hoping that for some crazy reason the 'on hold' pop up will only be for a day but from my research it seems everyone had to wait at least 2-5 days until the hold was released Anyone else out there that got the 'on hold' pop up? How long until it was lifted?
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    I got the on hold pop up too. I took mine July 14. Im still painfully waiting. I had a problem with the computer during my exam. I was at number 7 of my questions and a pop up that says "error" or something. Then the lady had me switched to a different computer which then i continued where i left off. So thats the ONLY thing i know i had a problem on. But im a nervous wreck right now because i dont know what to expect.
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    Prime, so on the day that you are supposed to view your results it switched to a "good" pop up? So right before you view your results the good pop up showed? Do i have to wait for my quick results inorder for the hold to be released?
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    Quick results will not be available (nor will results be sent to your board of nursing) until the hold is released. Most holds last 48-72 hours. After 2 days you can call Pearson Vue Customer service to try and get an update on your status.

    It's coincidental if your hold is released at the 2 day mark as then quick results are available. If your hold lasts 3 days your quick results would be released until day 3...
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    Quote from Nurse2beMN
    .....researching like crazy about this pop up.
    Then I'll save you some trouble. There's nothing to research.

    Holds last 2-3 days, typically. Sometimes longer. Means nothing to you, nothing to 'research'....well, it DOES mean that you'll be losing your mind during the hold process, but there's nothing to 'figure out'. It is what it is. Don't read anything into it, you'd probably be wrong anyway.

    When the hold is lifted, results will be available.

    good luck!
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    Quote from audreyjammRN
    Prime, so on the day that you are supposed to view your results it switched to a "good" pop up? So right before you view your results the good pop up showed? Do i have to wait for my quick results inorder for the hold to be released?
    I was checking every 4-6 hours to see if the hold pop up would change. The hold never changed every time I did check it. Approximately 48 hours later, I saw the link for the Quick Results! I then did the PearsonVue trick again & the pop up changed to the "good" pop up !!!! After that I paid and... Pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing that gave me a phenomenal feeling !! THANK GOODNESS I didn't have to wait longer than 2 days to fight out. I think it varies with individuals when it comes to holds because it's for different reasons. I understand the waiting period is terrible but that's all you can do. Patience is a virtue!!! Just keep in mind that whatever happened, you really can't change the outcome. Take some deep breathes and do something relaxing, you deserve it!
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    I agree with RNsRWe about not reading into it. People have holds because either they finish the test too fast, they are taking frequent breaks, their fingerprinting/palm scan didn't work, they forgot to sign something after the exam.. the list goes on!
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    There are lots of reasons for "the hold" but they all boil down to one: test integrity. They need to be absolutely sure that your exam session was not compromised in any way and that all rules were adhered to. Furthermore, I imagine that this doesn't just mean YOUR performance. It could also mean your proctor's performance as well. If the proctor did something wrong, it could affect everyone's exam experience and possibly affect test integrity, but they'll have to put everyone's results on hold for that and the only way you'd know it's NOT you is that everyone you tested with is also reporting "the hold."

    If you do get "the hold" you must understand that there's NOTHING you can do about it except wait and hope you don't go too batty in the meantime. Watch a movie, eat some popcorn, marvel at the Muppet's Swedish Chef's ability to do, well, anything and that should get you through the first afternoon.
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