good popup how accurate it is..

  1. I took nclex yesterday with 77Qs & i got the good popup. I'm juz wondering how long will it take for ur name to appear in the license verification? please share ur views. tanx!
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  3. by   CJMR
    The pop-up was accurate for me and the 10 or so people from my class that also tried it. I know one person who failed and did not get the good pop-up. As far as how long it takes to get your license number, a classmate of mine had her number as soon as she got home from testing. I took mine at the same testing site at the same time and mine took about 24 hours. Another classmate had to wait 1 1/2 week for hers to come up. She also tested at the same location but a week earlier than me. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to how long it takes. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but I am in Indiana.
  4. by   nikkipooh
    CONGRATULATIONS 1 WEEK FOR NYBON!!! Just saw my name... I am so HAPPY!!! GOD IS ABOVE GREAT All the best....
  5. by   pinxyness
    i hope my name will come out soon 'coz the wait is killing me
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  6. by   Ryans1mom73
    Just to make you feel better, I took the Nclex on April 16, got the good pop up and have yet to see my name on the BRN.
  7. by   pinxyness
    Its really killing me.. I dont know what to think now its been 48+hrs but still my name is not showing
    up.. :/
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  9. by   KimberlyRN89
    The pop-up worked for me & my friend. How long it takes though depends on your state BON. I was extremely impatient & paid $7.95 to get my unofficial results 48 hours later ( I took my test on Friday 4/13). But had I just waited & had more faith in the PVT lol, I could have saved the money b/c my name was on the Maryland BON on Monday morning. I know from reading these boards however that states like California take a very long time (weeks!) to provide official results & post the names on the board of nursing website.
  10. by   pinxyness
    i'm trying to really have faith on the PVT and doing some research about it, so far all ive read was everyone who had a good popup passed. hopefully it will be consistent like that. *fingers crossed*
  11. by   jazskaff
    I took the NCLEX-RN 4/24, got the "good pop up" and got my quick results yesterday! I passed with about 100 questions!!!! So, YES the PVT works!!! I even have a job interview this coming Tuesday for an OB position (my dream job)! Sounds like you passed, so congrats! God is good!
  12. by   NurseLPN2012
    What are PVTs???
  13. by   winddancer0104
    I'm taking the exam in June and was wondering what the "good popup" is? I'm assuming something to do w/ the BON website? Thx
  14. by   KimberlyRN89
    read this thread for a description ----Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3