Good popup!!!!!! 75 Q!

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    hi everyone! i took my nclex this morning and i got the good popup. i will feel completely relieved once i have my name on the bon website, but this is promising. it shut off after 75 Q and i was so happy. it was tough- literally 30-35 questions were SATA. which i HATE!

    just wanted to post because i always loved reading when others posted about passing good luck to everyone who still needs to take it!
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    congrats and big celebration thats can u plzz guide us h0w u kill the monster....thanks
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    We did a lot if ATI in my school and I definitely think it helped. I had the Kaplan book and did the cd with the 180 questions. I also have Saunders and did lots of questions. I bought the NCSBN but I didn't like it so I didn't do much on it.

    I liked the Kaplan book for strategy a lot and just to have access to more questions. I liked Saunders for content and I really like Saunders rationales. I did well in school so I wasn't going to spend money on the Kaplan review course. I probably only averaged 40-50 q a day ( some days more others less). Just doing questions and staying in the mindset and reading every rationale helped me.

    I had about 30-35 (maybe more?) SATA. There were a ton. Most if he rest were prioritization. No math and few Meds.
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    the sata what kind of questions did you get? how did you tackle the sata? i know they always say true or false but kind of random questions did u see on sata
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    Can't really talk about content but I just read and retread the question and looked at each answer. I could eliminate some right away and choose some right away. The ones I was unsure on I tried to think it through and select or not select that option.
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    no you dont have to talk about the content. was just wondering if the queations were more of medsurg or pharm you know but all the same thanks
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    Def more med surg!
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    Yay! Congratulations!

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