Good NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Book???

  1. 0 [FONT="Book Antiqua"]Hi co-nurses!

    I've been reviewing Saunders Comprehensive Review Book 5th edition for a week now for my content review, and I really like this book!! I also have Kaplan Strategies 2011-2012 and LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment 2nd edition, which I think are good books too. But I feel that I'll be needing 1 more for my practice question. What can you recommend? I've heard a lot of good things about Kaplan QBank but that's way too expensive for me.

    Thank you for those who will give their opinions regarding my post!:heartbeat

    And to everyone who's also preparing to take the NCLEX-RN exam! Good luck to all of us!

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    I like the Success series by FA Davis
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    I have the Davis Nclex RN too. It is a good. I graduated thus month and prepping for the big exam too. I am using LaCharity,Kaplan Strategies, Davis, Lipincott Q & A and Hurst review for content review. Plan to schedule mid Jan.
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    Thank you for your responses. But has anyone tried here the Exam Cram Practice Question Book? How was it?
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    I am using the Exam Cram (as well as others) and really like the questions and detailed reationales!
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    Does Davis has practice questions too? What I only have is the review - it was good though, since it gives you a summarized information.

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