Gearing Up to Take NCLEX for 5th Time

  1. Hi all,

    I'm gearing up to take boards again after failing 4 times. I am so stressed out and paniced/worried about failing for a 5th time. I have literally done at least 30,000 practice questions. I did Hurst in class, Hurst online, Kaplan in class, Kaplan online, saunders, lippincott, ati, mosbys, etc ... this time I even hired a private tutor. My tutor says that I have all the is just my stress and anxiety that gets the best of me while i am sitting in front of the computer.

    I am trying to think of the positives right now, but all I keep thinking of is the "what ifs". What if i don't pass again? Should I keep trying? Can I keep working as a secretary on the floor I should be nursing at? Can I handle it emotionally?

    So stressed out,
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  3. by   lisahb13
    Hi murphyal,
    I too am gearing up to take NCLEX for the 5th time... I completely understand about your anxiety, and am like you. I've done Hurst online, in class, kaplan, and NCSBN online, as well as working with a tutor. I think this has now become more of a psychological thing than knowledge. Keep going!!! this is about taking the NCLEX test and not about any other abilities as a nurse. It is definitely a blow to the ego, as 75% of my classmates passed on their first time and almost everyone else has passed also. HOWEVER, you went to nursing school for a reason, and you have to keep that in your sights. Not everyone can survive nursing school - so keep trying!!! I know I will not give up until I have that RN behind my name and move on to working with patients. People really don't care how many times you take to pass your boards, they still believe in you and know that you are going to be great as an RN. Just hang in there and do it!!
  4. by   LuxAeternaRN
    Best of luck to you both!! You've both passed nursing school, taken the classes, and practiced - believe you can do it and you will! As lisahb said, it doesn't matter how many times you've taken it. Don't even think about that when you go into the exam. All the best.
  5. by   linsmirn
    You can do this, we all go into this test with anxiety but if you know your content you will pick the right answer, of course SATA will be hard but just concentrate on what you learned. Take deep breaths and take your time, you dont have to answer every question. You can be there for the whole 6 hours and only answer 110 questions and still pass, just make sure you put your all into the 110. Good luck and take the exam when you feel ready.
  6. by   BrittersRN
    Good luck! You can do this...Pray to God for peace of mind and calmness and you will succeed!! Go for a walk before you take your test to clear your mind, eat healthy...and try some yoga the days leading up to your test. I never really did yoga until it got close to test time for me because I really needed to relax and it did help me.
  7. by   Double-Helix
    Have you practiced any relaxation techniques to use during the test? Deep breathing, imagery, singing (silently) in your head, anything you think might help you relax? Since your issue seems to be test anxiety, perhaps you should explore relaxation and anti-anxiety techniques and practice using them. So when you sit down to take the test you know you have some tools that will help.
  8. by   srna28
    Definitely practice relaxation techniques and positive self-talk. When you get to a question you think you don't know, pause, close your eyes and just think "relax. I know this. I'm not going to fail". Don't sit there in the exam telling yourself you're going to fail- negative thinking won't help. I am an anxious test taker as well, and now through my advanced practice degree I still find myself using these techniques during my exams. It never fails. Be positive! And good luck!
  9. by   caliotter3
    Sounds to me like you need to do some serious work on relaxation techniques. Good luck.
  10. by   RedDogs
    Hi murphyal , I too will be taking the boards for the 5th time. I was so dead set on picking a different career after i failed the 4th time. Like many people have told me," you have worked so hard to get where you are, do not let this test hold you back from what you want to do". I turned to AN and have found lots of support and inspiration. I want to take them again. I know, I have worries too (the what ifs).As your tutor told you, and you know in your heart, you have the knowledge within you. YOU CAN DO THIS !
  11. by   murphyal555
    Thanks for all the advice. It is just so hard to keep positive, calm, and not just have a total freak out.
  12. by   murphyal555
    Finally after two years of trying...i am official an rn!! Thanks everyone for their support!! It really helped me out!
  13. by   RedDogs
    Congratulations !!!!!! I am so happy for you. I just failed the 4th time,so I have to go through the waiting period before taking it for the 5th time. I have so much doubt about my intelligence and if I should even try again. Hearing that you passed and you kept up the fight, gives me hope. Thank you!
  14. by   pitxurri19
    Quote from murphyal555
    Finally after two years of trying...i am official an rn!! Thanks everyone for their support!! It really helped me out!