Freaking out!!! Advice please!!!

  1. I'm taking my nclex-pn on Tuesday the 3rd. I got a 96% of passing my first time when I did my ati predictor pn. I'm just freaking out because it seems like every practice exam I take I'm getting a 75 or below!!! I have the pn exam cram that I've been reviewing ( mind you I'm in my peds/ob rotation right now so I'm trying to juggle both lol). I haven't had a me year course in a year due to failing one of the nursing courses and having to return in a year, thankfully passing with a 4.0:-) I guess I just don't understand how I did so well on the ati yet now I feel like I'm preparing to fail? I'm still finding questions where I'm like wait, what?!? Any advice please!!!!
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  3. by   KimberlyRN89
    I didn't use the exam cram but I heard from others it was helpful. I took the ATI predictor twice (once for LPN & the other for RN). For my LPN it said I had a 98% chance of passing, RN only 94%. Passed both on 1st try But I didn't really use ATI to help me prepare for either, and to be honest I do not think ATI questions were similar to NCLEX. If you are on a budget, check out the public library! There are tons of nursing books there.
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    There's a difference between a score (the 75) and a prediction of chance of passing (the 96). If you can't wrap your head around the difference, please go to the guidance counselor at your school and have him/her explain it to you. You can absolutely stop freaking out now.
  5. by   clh8987
    I understand the difference... I just felt as though I would be doing BETTER on my practice exam given i had a pretty good chance of passing.
  6. by   theloneyoni
    This is the time to breathe. Go get a pedicure, go for a walk, listen to something soothing - or veg out with your favorite DVR'd program and a bag of chips. Find the thing that helps you chill out. Even if you know the material, your anxiety can be your undoing. Give yourself some credit for all the late nights of studying and your intelligence - you'll pass. Just don't over-think things so much.