Foreign grad- passed nclex-rn

  1. Hi Everyone, I would like to share my experience with NCLEX-RN. I told myself if I pass, I would come back to this site and share my story & experience. and I hope that I would be able to help anyone who needed some tips.

    I am a foreign grad student from the Philippines. I took my licensure exam in California.
    Scheduled my exam on March 13, 2017 and got my result on March 15,2017.
    I studied for 2months and 12days. 10-12hrs/day 6days per week. but on sundays I still try to finish at least 50questions.
    Before I start preparing for NCLEX-RN, I set my goals, told myself to give my best!

    So here's my tips!

    -prepare yourself with lots of positivity. Ask yourself what is your goal.
    -Make a SCHEDULE: I made my own calendar I wrote down(ex. 75questions/day for specific topic) this is very important, so you can see and track your progress upon studying.
    Make a ROUTINe:
    -I make sure that I wake up at 5am everyday(eat my breakfast, read my notes) since my exam is at 8am: I make sure that at exactly 8am I take my exam from UworldQbank. After answering 75questions, I go back and read every question & read rationales(right/wrong).
    -I have 2 big notebooks where I wrote down all the things that I have to remember & labeled them per system.
    -I have LAB values posted on my wall, and al the important things that I kept forgetting.
    - BE ORGANIZED! label your notes by system



    my exam stopped at 75Q. THIS is the reason why I PASSED NCLEX-RN. I would say that Uworld is way harder than NCLEX-RN. I got 45 SATA, I felt like Uworld have prepared me with answering SATA. I was really nervous at first but felt comfortable after awhile the screen look exactly like Uworld. It was like a DEJA VU questions were very similar.
    Everything that you need to know is in Uworld (will help you with Critical thinking)
    This has prepared me with Critical thinking, Prioritization.... I think with EVERYTHING!

    Prioritization, Delegation, Assignment- La Charity

    This is good if you use this as your first material. But after Using Uworld! it wasn't that helpful anymore bec. everything thats in here was already learned from Uworld.
    The answers were predictable (its Bec I've Learned enough from UWORLD) but I finished the whole book anyway.

    The day before my exam,

    I tried to relax but I was too anxious I end up answer 50questions. but I don't recommend studying the day before. JUST relax go to the beach, gym. JUST do anything that will make you relax. Try not to think too much about the exam.
    I woke up at 4:30am, did 30mins of exercise. went to testing center an hour earlier.
    Bring some snacks: I brought 2bananas, orange juice, water. Make sure your bag is small, Don't wear earrings, watch testing center don't allow them. Wear comfortable clothes, bring jacket.


    PRAY PRAY PRAY! I prayed a lot (when I wake up, before going to bed I pray the rosary)
    there will be days that you'll feel down, sad, stress BUT for me, whenever I felt like giving up I talk to GOD, ask him to guide me, and help me get through this!
    I search videos/ audios on how to Law of attraction, how to have a positive thoughts. this helped me to be positive because there were times that I felt like giving up, felt like a failure. Its normal... but JUST BELIEVE that you can do it! remember whatever you think it reflects yours actions.


    Materials that I recommend: UWORLD! this will help you passed the first time!

    - Set your own goals( ASK yourself what you want? what are your goals in life)

    -prepare your mind(think positive, believe that you can do it!), Prepare your body(do some exercise, have enough sleep, eat healthy foods)

    - Pray pray pray pray.. believe that GOD is there to help you, that you'll get through this with him.

    Dont worry about ANYTHING Instead, Pray about Everything tell GOD what YOU need & THANK him for ALL he has done- Philippians 4:6
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    CONGRATULATIONS on your success!!
  4. by   callalily01
    Congratulation for passing Nclex! You nailed it!��������������� ��
    I would like to ask did you take some subjects in order to take the Nclex in CA? I'm a foriegn student too. But I did not pursue applying Nclex in CA because of the concurrency issues. What year did you graduate in Phil? Thanks
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  5. by   gizahon
    Congrats on passing and best wishes!!!!!

    Since you're a foreign grad, did you have to retake some courses like Med-surg or OB???
  6. by   leinique16
    I graduated June 2016. I didn't take any courses. I got my att after 3months of filling application to BON. I heard that as long as you're cases are concurrent you're good
  7. by   leinique16
    Thanks @gizahon I didn't have to take any class or course. I got my att after 3months
  8. by   leinique16
    @callalily01 I didn't have to take any class, my clinical cases were concurrent I think that's what matters. I graduated June 2016
  9. by   Bentolbeng
    Congrats! May i know what other requirements BON asked aside from those on their website? Like cases, curriculum?
  10. by   mitchiefox
    Quote from leinique16
    @callalily01 I didn't have to take any class, my clinical cases were concurrent I think that's what matters. I graduated June 2016
    Where did you graduate from? What school?
  11. by   kneecullen
    Hi there!! I'd like to make an inquiry regarding your cases. Were you able to complete them within the semester? Like for example, were you able to complete your DR cases during the semester where Maternal and child nursing was taught? or did you have an "on call" just like I did? Hope you could help it because I was hoping to apply for the CA BON and im also a fresh grad from Philippines. Thank you so much!!