Fellow fl nclex takers.re-exam application in florida

  1. 0 Ok so for me to take the exam again i should pay for the application fee to fl bon and do fingerprinting again???? And then pearson vue? Im confused please help d;
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    Unfortunately, yes you do!! Im ****** myself too. I've failed nclex 2x already and i just applied again!
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    Well I'm in Texas and I just schedule my nclex next month, it will be my third time this time.
    And yes u have to pay Pearson and BON but didn't have to do fingerprinting since u r repeater, but double check and call the BON on your state just to make sure
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    I applied to Florida twice and lost my exam twice. now i am applying to Texas board. Because Florida board requires SSN to issue a license,which i dont have. of course you need to re apply for the exam,but no need to send finger prints again(if you have already submitted your finger prints). Because electronic finger prints are valid for 5 years. and definitely you have to pay $200.
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    Thank you guyz!
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    Hello where to you send the application for Florida? Is it the P.O Box address or Cypress address? thanks for your help!
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    I mean the re-examination app

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