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Hello Guys, I just received my results and I failed a second time. The first time I knew I failed because all of my questions were geared to the infection control topic. I remember it was the worst feeling ever walking out... Read More

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    Quote from Beelady
    Nclex3000, kaplan, exam cram did 450 -500 questions daily so not happy and the money just keeps on falling into Pearson vue hands! Any suggestions help me I'm so broken
    Have you tried Hurst?

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    Quote from Nurse_AR415
    So it's worth it? What does the 9 days consist of?
    I will look into it. I just read very good reviews.
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    I know how you feel. Keep trying and I have been reading different posts and so far it has made me realize that I gave to study smarter and not harder
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    I just received my nclex candidate report and it says near the passing standard in all content areas.
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    Hello. I know you didn't expect to fail the first time but you definitely didn't think you would fail the second time. I know the feeling and my best advice would be to study like you never studied before, go back stronger for the 3rd time and nail that test with 75Q! You are definitely capable especially since your putting in all the work. My advice is put the books aside and practice questions every day. I think by now you should be pretty confident with content unless you had many unfamiliar topics on the second exam. If your finances allow, purchase NCSBN, LaCharity and use the free online version of Nclex-3500. These are just my suggestions and what helped me pass the 3rd time. Best wishes to you!
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    It so sad. I hope I will pass in my second attempt. Im so worried.

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