Failed the NCLEX twice...need advice!!

  1. I graduated nursing school in MAY 2010...I took Kaplan and only used that to study. I did all of the work, watched all the content videos and took notes, did all the practice test and almost all of the Q-bank. I was nervous taking the test my first time and when i went in i did not apply most of what i learned from Kaplan. I had 124 questions, and failed...I was upset and embarrassed but go back to study after taking a week off.

    The second time around i used multiple study aides, (i.e-NCLEX 4000, Hurst book, some of Saunders) i did a ton of questions and really reviewed my meds since my candidate report said i was below the passing standard on that section. I was very confident going in to take the test my second time. I woke up, had breakfast, got to the computer, took a deep breath, and felt very confident in my answers. The computer shut off after 75 questions and i was shocked. i looked a few questions up that i remembered and was doubtful about when i got home and i seemed to have gotten most of them right!! I even did the pearson vue trick AND GOT THE POP UP!!!! however, two days later, i looked on the quick results page and found out that i FAILED! i was even more upset this time because i really bombed the test. i got below the passing standard on more than two of the categories.

    I'm lost in what i need to do to prepare for my third time taking this test. I'm confused where my weaknesses are because i feel confident in my knowledge of the information and approaching the questions. I bought Lippincott's NCLEX RN alternate-format questions book and the Lacharity book. Do you think i need to go over my content again?? Im starting to use my saunders book again to review. I need advice on what the best, most organized way to study this time would be and how i should do that!! HELLPp!!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Start from scratch. Prepare as if you had never tested before. Assume you know nothing and skip over no topics. Good luck.
  4. by   Candie241983
    I am so sorry, So the pvt trick dosen't really work? I am freaking out now! I got the good popup, but it seems like that dosen't matter?
  5. by   godisgoodoldtym
    i hope it will really help for you,the first thing i did when i took again my second time taking the nclex is PRAYERS asking for guidance to our Lord God and ask for your close friends pray for you, you know when i was taking the exam i feel that God is with me during my test, i get the easy question,just be confident and continue praying.
    First time i took the test i studied 6-8 hour everyday but on my second time i didnt do that again, i just studied 2-3 hrs and when i feel tired i watched tv or doing household chores.I used SAUNDERS for my Q & A,and SYLVIA RAYFIELD and NCSBN help me a lot. for me NCSBN is similar to the actual test,it cost only 50$ for 3 weeks. Make sure do Q & A everyday do 100-200 everyday and you know what i did.I was doing my Q & A what time i schedule, my schedule is 8am for my everyday i did Q & A in 8am so my mind will used to it. Just dont loose hope continue aiming your Goal and most important is PRAYERS....Good Lucksaint:
  6. by   VampRN
    oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that... Stay focused on you goal and you will succeed.
    now i'm really freaking out about my results because I got the "good pop-up" but my results will not available until tomorrow.
  7. by   lo2306
    wow, this is the exact thing that happened to me. i just took mine for the second time yesterday and tried the PV trick and was able to regisiter again. SO I am taking that as I failed. But I also did Kaplan, saunders, ATI and an additional kaplan book, as well as going over my meds chapter by chapter and making flash cards of all the questions that I missed through out all of these review programs. I am lost on what to do also. I felt confident yesterday also, and I know I know the material it is just I cant take a test to save my life it seems. I was an A and B student in nursing school and did struggle with tests in school but I made it through with good grades. I just don't get it. But keep your head up and if i hear of anything good to do to study I will post it on here.
  8. by   msRN08
    I'm happy to see I'm not alone. I failed twice and I don't know where to start studying again. It seems to me the NCLEX is not about the amount of knowledge you obtain rather your method of answering the questions.
  9. by   KeithT66
    This is what I thought help me. I got the Feurer audio CDs and all the material that went with it. Honestly I listened to the CDs wherever I went. Even dug out the old walkman to put them in. I'm sure they could be downloaded into ipod but I didnt have the patience. Also did the NCLEX 4000 but did it in study mode. That way if I got something wrong then I could read it right then and there instead of waiting till the end of the "test" and go back and review. I also found this website to be a great help

    someone else had put in on here and I followed their advice when preping for the NCLEX. Good luck. Try and relax and remember to eliminate the answers that you know are wrong when you take the exam - then you at least have a 50/50 chance of guessing at the remaining ones in case you dont know it.
  10. by   ETnurse2010
    Thanks KeithT66!! that website is awesome and i can't believe its free!! it has so many questions and you can even type in a topic and it will give you all the questions they have for it!! My Exam is weds Decemeber 22nd! Im so nervous but im trying to stay calm and cram as much information into my head with the time i have left!!
  11. by   Senoria39
    OMG! I too have taken the NCLEX twice and have failed! I thought I was gonna pass this last time, but was not successful. I am determined to Pass Boards and become a RN! I do have a question has any one heard of the Nclex-RN secret's book? And if so would it be a book that you would recomend? I'm currently taking the NCSBN course and reviewing material from the Hurst Review book, is there anything else I can do to be more sucessful???
  12. by   jojonightengaleGN
    I am taking mine on the 23rd, I will keep you in my prayers!!
    We got this... breathe, you know the info.... =)
  13. by   Senoria39
    Thanks for the support, and wish you the Best!
  14. by   shorty091985
    i failed my first time using kaplan review at 93 qs. the second time, i study two months with saunders and lacharity and pass with 75 questions. i really think saunders is the book of choice