failed RN took PN and passed the first time

  1. I took nclex rn four times already and failed. I did not study at all as i just had a baby. I just took it and took it and failed over and over again. So i decided to take nclex pn and i passed without even studying!!! it was a miracle. this site has helped me alot. i will continue on taking the rn while i work as a pn. im from NY btw. goodluck!!passe
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  3. by   Levitas
    Not to be judgmental, but you could have purchased one or two decent study courses (Kaplan, Hurst) and passed the first time (with spending the same amount, if not less money).

    I wish I had the funds to purchase such a course. As is, I'm pretty much going to have to pass the NCLEX the first time, else I'll be in deep financial trouble. Thus, I'm studying my arse off. Congrats on passing the PN.
  4. by   sueall
    Congratulations on the PN success. I am, however, very curious why you thought taking the test without studying was a good idea, and why continuing to take the test once. . . twice . . . and three times more without studying was an even better idea.

    Not trying to be judgmental here . . truly! I think what we're trying to say is, please study for that fifth try! Keep us posted!
  5. by   joyfullpn
    Congrats on becoming a nurse!! But I am also curious as the previous posters on why would you waste so much money taking a test multiple times you didn't prepare for?
  6. by   patel.748

    Nclex Pn is much easier than Nclex RN in my honest opinion.

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