Failed nclex twice while are my options until i can take it again ???

  1. Hi, I need some advice and encouragment also, This is my second time failing NCLEX first time it shut off at 75 question and this time after 5 hours and 52 minutes it shutoff at 258 question. I don't know how to study anymore, but going to my 3rd try in about 3 months so I can prepare but, while I do that I have a kid that still needs to eat, and I going to loose my actual no-nursing jobs in 1 months after tax season is done. What are my options if anybody knows to works as a...??? with my nursing BSN until I can pass this torture test. I been reading that people get jobs as a Clinical tech jobs but don't know the pay rate or anything and I have two career students loan on my shoulders. If anybody know please help I just hopeless at this point. Thanks

    PS: Orlando, FL Area.
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    It seems as if you made progress between attempts so keep at it.

    PCA jobs don't pay super well but they may help your preparation as well as help you get a RN job when you do pass.
  4. by   summer03
    I did the Kaplan course and passed first time, with the minimum questions. During Kaplan, the instructor referred to cases such as yours and made the point it is not what you know, but what you know about taking the test. She said others in your place took the class, and then passed with flying colors. I cannnot recall exactly, but Kaplan has some sort of guarantee. This is not an advertisement for them, haha, but I think they might be able to help. I think it cost me $300 or $400. Good luck. I know it will all turn out well in the end, but just seems a little stressful now. Don't give up on your RN job! I love mine.
  5. by   c2rivera
    Hi there, I also have failed the nclex twice ( I'm still waiting to prep for my final attempt at it. In the mean time, I've been applying for hospital jobs, such as a tech, or even a front desk receptionist. Just being surrounded in the medical field can def add on to your studying. There's also a program I heard about to help you study... It's, it was created my nurses so it should be awesome. I took Kaplan and felt like it really didn't help me as far as content goes. Good luck to you.... Third times a charm!
  6. by   geaamor
    Thanks guys I receive yesterday the result with the summary of the areas from the state it make me so mad that I was near the passing standard in everything but confident that the third time is the charm I will go for it !! ...
  7. by   ObieBrown
    i failed 3 times and never gave up! so don't give up! on my third one i stopped at 240 something and ran out of time. its a good sign. that means you just need a little mo studying to do. have you considered hurst? helped me alot, PDA by la charity and saunders. you just need to practice more questions also.
  8. by   summer03
    I agree Kaplan did not help with content. It helped me with confidences and testing expereince and strategy. Some of my classmates who passed, took Hurst and liked it; it costs about the same as Kaplan. I figure we would not have graduated without knowing the content. With a little testing experience under your belt, maybe you can save the $ for Kaplan or Hurst? In any event, good luck and it sounds like you are close to your goal.