Failed NCLEX-RN last week

  1. Good Morning All,
    I took the NCLEX-RN last week and the computer shut off at 264. Two days later I got my results on Pearson's website by paying $7.95, and I found out that I failed . Now I am very devastated to the point I don't know how to prepare for this beast. I signed up with Kaplan since my school has a contract with them and I completed all of the QBank questions. In addition, I practed from other sources such as Saunders, Lippincott just to name a few and it feels like I am bumping into a wall. Can anybody give suggestions on passing this exam on the second attempt, who has been in the same situation as me before?

    Desperate Graduate Nurse
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    Hello!! After all of the months I would visit this website and look at the posts, I finally decided to join! Just saw your post & know exactly how you feel. I took my NCLEX the middle of August and failed at 76 questions. Walking out of there I didnt think the test was too bad, but apprently I didnt know anything. I found the questions to be different from the ones I studied and did decent on. I took a review course called Ready to Pass which went over a ton of material and was a good refresher. Also, I bought the Kaplan book which gave you the test techniques and strategies to answer the questions and again I didnt pass. It's not two months later and I really have to get moving. A friend of mine suggested after she failed the first time AND took a Kaplan course to purchase questions through NCSBN which is who makes our exam. The website I believe is and you can purchase them accoriding to how many weeks you want to put in studying. First time around, I practically spent my entire summer not working, and just studying like I was going to work 8-4 everyday. I covered a ton of material, and spent maybe a week or two reviewing some questions. Im going to purchase these questions, 3 weeks for $50 which I dont think is horrible. I do not think I need to spend months studying like last time. Let me know if this was helpful!! Good Luck!!!