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I just took NCLEX-PN this past saturday (Nov. 17th) and found out this morning that I FAILED!! I am so hurt!! I feel awful! I feel that I tried my very best, never thought I would fail the exam!! The... Read More

  1. by   febs10
    I just wanna say thanks to Hurst online review and Kaplan NCLEX RN review book. I took the NCLEX-RN last November 9 and I am so happy that I made it!. Questions are very difficult but I am so thankful that I passed the NCLEX-RN..A lot of Priority,SATA,and Pharmacology(mostly doctors prescription)Questions. , but I tried not to get nervous and I focused on what the questions asked ....I got my license and I am now an RN.!! Thank you so much and Happy Thanksgiving Day!!
  2. by   RNReadyManc
    I'm sorry to hear that. It sucks to study so long and then to hear that. U will pass next time!
  3. by   moniaaa007
    I took my NCLEX PN today at 8 am, it shut off at 85 questions, I dont know what to think, it could go either way, I could either pass or fail. I did the PVT trick and I ended up getting the good pop-up but I'm so skeptical about it :/ The exam itself didn't seem so hard, it was pretty broad, honestly I did not get a lot of pharmacology questions, a lot of prioritizing, teaching, infections and unfortunately SATAs which I hate. Well all I studied was the EXAM PREP book, I read the whole book, did the questions in the back of the book and the CD questions that came with the book. There was one question I found on the NCLEX that was in my book. Questions were pretty similar. They told us in school to study from ATI, but i hate hate hare ATI , to me its so hard, and the ATI is mostly content knowledge, which is not how the NCLEX tests..I would always get really low scores on the ATI which would just discourage me. NCLEX tests your critical thining, they wanna see if you'll be a safe practicing nurse. I think the EXAM PREP book was a really good investment, it cost me about $50 and barnes and noble, but they sell it cheaper at amazon or ebay. Wel i just hope I passed, gotta wait til saturday for the quick results :/
  4. by   moniaaa007
    I'm sure you can do it!!! Don't get discouraged! Remember ABC when prioritizing, also use the hierarchy of needs when prioritizing, never choose an option that has you leaving the patient, don't delay care, also always do an assesment before notifying the charge nurse, nurse the client not the equipment. "IMMIDIATE" in a question means pt may die, don't choose NSAIDs on NCLEX. Stay Positive you can do this!! Don't let the nerves get the best of you.
  5. by   kemifair
  6. by   moniaaa007
    thank youu!! Although Im still not 100% sure if I passed, the only thing im relying on is the PVT for now