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Hi guys! I'm here in Florida. just wanna ask for advice.. I'ts a requirement to take remedial class if you failed for the 3rd time. Do you have any idea guys if where is the cheapest online remedial... Read More

  1. by   cperry85
    email me! i need help! i grat pn school sept 11. im on my 3rd time! i am taking kaplan this weekend.... both times i failed at 85! dont know what to do!
  2. by   cperry85
  3. by   blue101
    hi guys! whats the update on your status' i also failed 3x hr in fl. i was verified by cgfns.. if we did pass on other states will we be able to reciprocity our license back in fl. without any prob?.. also a kabayan hr!!
  4. by   Sasha, RN 2014
    I heard that NY and GA you can take it as many times..Is this right??? if you failed 3x in FL..can you take it at another state? and pay a fee to have your license in FL? HOw many days you have to wait to take it again in NY and GA??...
  5. by   patrickleevill
    Any update on this topic? I took NCLEX 2x with CA BON and then one recently with FL BON. I didn't pass and FL BON said I have to take the remedial courses before they issue eligibility. I am trying to see what my options are. If NY or GA is better than just taking the remedial course. Thanks.
  6. by   amandeepkaur
    @patrickleevill as far as i know you can take as many time as you want in NY board,they do not have any issues like 3 times or so on limit.good luck yeah one more thing their eligibility does not have any time bound .and its much better to take remedial course.all the best.
  7. by   Rexstar
    Hi would you happen to know what the requirements are to apply to take the nclex in NY after i failed 3x in florida? is there anything extra that NY requires that i need to do first before i can apply?