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Hello everyone, I took my exam on 9th. I came home and pop up didn't work, I had put a post here and was suggested to wait for official results. I got them today and it said I failed yet again! I just don't know what to do? Where... Read More

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    Quote from Enthused_Nurse2B
    begosh, correct me if i'm wrong but i think she/he means this book: Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN. here's a link to amazon: Buying Choices: Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN [With Access Code][ COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW FOR NCLEX-RN [WITH ACCESS CODE] ] By Hogan, Mary Ann ( Author )Oct-15-2011 PaperbackIt should have a red and white cover. I thought I would respond because I use this book as well and found it very helpful throughout nursing school. I recommend it to everyone.
    . That's the exact one. Make sure to sign up for 1 year free online access that comes with this book.

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    Quote from Amski
    Begosh, I just want to know what's the name of MaryAnn Hogan's book for nclex-rn did you used? Congratulations!
    Thank you! Pearson Reviews & Rationales: Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN (2nd Edition) (MyNursingReviews Series) (9780132621076): MaryAnn Hogan: Books this is the book I used. Make sure to sign up for 1 year free online access that comes with this book. Also there's a pre-diagnostic test you can take. Based on your results, it will generate a study plan. All the best in your studies!
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    i want to thank each and everyone who replied to this post. it really helped me alot. i finally got myself together and told myself "I CAN". I am going to start to study again. I picked up books from bookstore, saunders comprehensive review 5th edi. mary hogan comprehensive review, and hurst nclex rn review.
    having read what everyone wrote here, i got some great feedbacks. i shall look into each option. thanks alot once again. please continue to stay in touch.. and GOOD LUCK to everyone whos in the same boat as me.
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    How do I get the study guide?
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    Where is everyone from?
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    Quote from Whoisdaisyjane
    Where is everyone from?
    I was born in the Philippines but grew up in Chicago.
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    I think motivation & lots of prayer are the keys in passing the NCLEX-RN.
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    I felt like the Hurst review book in itself was amazing. It really put everything in one place and are studying easier. Good luck to you!
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    How have you been studying? Have you been doing a lot of practice questions? Doing practice questions is key to studying for the NCLEX, IMO. There are a lot of great NCLEX books out there, but I highly recommend Saunders or Mary Ann Hogan (Reviews & Rationales NCLEX-RN by Pearson Prentice Hall). Do the practice questions on the CD that comes with the book. Lippincott's NCLEX-RN Alternate Format Questions is also a good book. It contains questions in the SATA format as well as others.

    Have you taken a review course? This may be a long shot, but I see you're from PA. Where exactly? I'm from Ohio and took Buszta's NCLEX Review. I remember there being students from PA coming to class. If it's not too far of a drive for you and you can swing it, I highly recommend their review course. They have a website as well as a Facebook page. I have also heard that the Hurst review is good, too. Maybe a review course will help you hone in on what to focus on when studying for the NCLEX.

    Best of luck to you!
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    @ctbui can you please email a copy of the study guide you used. I will be retaking for the second time.

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