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Hello everyone, I took my exam on 9th. I came home and pop up didn't work, I had put a post here and was suggested to wait for official results. I got them today and it said I failed yet again! I... Read More

  1. by   Sakshi
    i want to thank each and everyone who replied to this post. it really helped me alot. i finally got myself together and told myself "I CAN". I am going to start to study again. I picked up books from bookstore, saunders comprehensive review 5th edi. mary hogan comprehensive review, and hurst nclex rn review.
    having read what everyone wrote here, i got some great feedbacks. i shall look into each option. thanks alot once again. please continue to stay in touch.. and GOOD LUCK to everyone whos in the same boat as me.
  2. by   DaisyRN2003
    How do I get the study guide?
  3. by   DaisyRN2003
    Where is everyone from?
  4. by   chicagoboy
    Quote from Whoisdaisyjane
    Where is everyone from?
    I was born in the Philippines but grew up in Chicago.
  5. by   chicagoboy
    I think motivation & lots of prayer are the keys in passing the NCLEX-RN.
  6. by   lagalanurse
    I felt like the Hurst review book in itself was amazing. It really put everything in one place and are studying easier. Good luck to you!
  7. by   turnforthenurse
    How have you been studying? Have you been doing a lot of practice questions? Doing practice questions is key to studying for the NCLEX, IMO. There are a lot of great NCLEX books out there, but I highly recommend Saunders or Mary Ann Hogan (Reviews & Rationales NCLEX-RN by Pearson Prentice Hall). Do the practice questions on the CD that comes with the book. Lippincott's NCLEX-RN Alternate Format Questions is also a good book. It contains questions in the SATA format as well as others.

    Have you taken a review course? This may be a long shot, but I see you're from PA. Where exactly? I'm from Ohio and took Buszta's NCLEX Review. I remember there being students from PA coming to class. If it's not too far of a drive for you and you can swing it, I highly recommend their review course. They have a website as well as a Facebook page. I have also heard that the Hurst review is good, too. Maybe a review course will help you hone in on what to focus on when studying for the NCLEX.

    Best of luck to you!
  8. by   ronim73
    @ctbui can you please email a copy of the study guide you used. I will be retaking for the second time.
  9. by   kcasper
    My husband took the Nclex 4 times. He finally passed the last time with 75 questions. He studied the way I did. I used kaplan and the Judith Miller Nclex review course that I got from school. She is amazing! There are 17 DVDs with note taking guides. I watched every single DVD and filled out everything. It can take about 3-4 weeks to watch them all but it's worth it. She covers everything you learned in nursing school in a conpact way. That way when you take the test, everything is fresh in your mind. I'm a very visual person and this DVD course helped me very much. I'm pretty sure I passed because of this course.Also the Nclex isn't about how much you know as a nurse (of course you have to know your stuff!) but it's more about how to take the test. How well can you take a test. The nclex is designed to trip you up. So if you can cut through the crap part of the question and get down to the 'meat' part, you'll be able to pick out the right answer. Anyways, I hope you seriously consider the Judith Miller DVD course. I'm VERY sure that this will help you!Good Luck
  10. by   down4michelle24

    How much was the Judith Miller Nclex review course??? I am interested.

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  11. by   vpoonia
    Don't lose heart. Nobody is EVER a failure....and same goes for you. You were intelligent enough to make it through the gruelling nursing school, this is just the last hurdle you need to clear.
    There is a certain strategy and mindset that you will need to create in order to clear the NCLEX. Memorizing answers (like one did in nursing school) or looking too far into the question will always get you in trouble. I will elaborate a little more later (but let me put this out here before I forget - I have had a few posts and replies on this forum somewhere. I am not sure how to access them, but see if you can pull them up - but there is a lot of important info i put up in there when I was still fresh out of NCLEX testing).

    Regardless, first and foremost, you have to get the mindset of an ER nurse...BASICALLY, what is the problem NOW...not 10 minutes from now, not an hour from now, not 3 days from now...but RIGHT NOW. What can YOU, within the scope of your practice, do to get the situation under control RIGHT, the problem has now been identified, and you have available choices. DO NOT...i repeat, DO NOT do ANYTHING where you have to either delay care (by contacting the physician, etc etc) or walking out of the room. There is always something you can do RIGHT NOW. Now that you have your choices narrowed down, think about what is going to kill your patient the fastest. Any of those choices - throw them out. With the remaining solutions at hand...what can you do RIGHT NOW to help this patient?
    Lets do an example (my words)....3 year old child, anxious, wheezing audibly, clammy, oxygen sat 91%, oxygen already going in via nasal cannula at 2 LPM, tachycardic at 168, extremities pale and cold to prior medical history...whatcha gonna do? - (a) put patient in tripod position (b) call physician to get an order for albuterol (c) place patient on heart monitor (d) place respiratory code cart outside the room (e) place the patient in parents lap and place on Non rebreather mask.

    Sorry, not exactly NCLEX style question, but will help all of us gauge what and how you are thinking.

    As for prep courses, the endocrine portion of Hurst was especially helpful to me. I kept relying a lot on it despite other strategies i learned while preparing. I also did Kaplan. It taught me to dissect the question and figure out what they wanted to know...and also to gauge how i was doing on the test in real time....when i had to buckle down and think...and when i had the option to relax and play around a little. Needless to say, was out with 76 questions.

    I am not sure how much help i will be. Been out of NCLEX mode for approx 2 years now, but if needed, would be happy to provide some support.
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    Quote from Sakshi
    Hello everyone, I took my exam on 9th. I came home and pop up didn't work, I had put a post here and was suggested to wait for official results. I got them today and it said I failed yet again! I just don't know what to do? Where to study from? My second time I had tried Kaplan, last few times studied on my own, this time had a tutor and bought ncsbn but only did little but out of it. I just don't know where I'm going wrong. I feel so bad for my parents who are soo supportive yet I keep giving them same news. PLEASE HELP ME. I WOULD REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT.

    I live in philadelphia, if someone wants to team up to study.

    I feel soo devastated, I just keep asking myself if I'm really a failure? How can I not do this in 7th time! How dumb could I be??
  12. by   jazzyjac
    Yes you need to step away from it for a while. Do something fun. No more studying cause you know the work. Concentrate on test strategy and find practice questions. Remember to think and take a deep breath. Remember to also pray. I wish you well you WILL succeed.
  13. by   kcasper
    oh man...I just looked up the cost of the DVD set. it's $995. I had no idea it was that much. I just used the ones available at my school. if you're interested,
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    Hey, How much was the Judith Miller Nclex review course??? I am interested.Sent from my iPhone using