failed 3 times, scheduled again

  1. 0 so im a foreign grad and i already took nclex 3 times. first i used kaplan, 75 questions and failed. next 95 and failed self stdy, and the third time self stdy too and failed at 265 my cpr says in all categories is near passing. now i dont know what to do, i just scheduled yesterday and im taking it on feb 23. heeellpp! i enrolled on ncsbn but I'm not sure where to start.
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    Ncbsn is only helpful if you just read their questions and rationales. It is too lengthy for me. After the 3 week subscription, i couldnt remmber anything. Lol. I just took my exam yesterday and i think i failed with 265 questions. Pvt trick went to cc page all the time.
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    Have you guys tried the Saunders book or Feuer lecture reviews? I found both to be very helpful. I'm sorry to hear, but whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP!!!
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    Hi, try PDA from Lacharity. That book made a difference for me when I took Nclex. Answer those questions and read all the answers. Also prayer helps! Good luck and God bless you!
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    Don't give up. I know it must be frustrating. I did the NCSBN 15 week subscription and it helped. I took my time and had a notebook full of info for me to consistently review. It just helped me learn how to successfully answer these questions. I'm a bad test taker and I needed to get something to help me better my test-taking skills. I also had Kaplan's NCLEX-RN Strategies, Practice, and Review. Coupled with prayer, I passed.
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    so sorry to hear that. i just wanna paassss before april.. i heard its going to get even harder
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    Yes. Me too. I wanna take it before april. But i think it doesnt matter if they change it or not. When you know and understand the concepts and study like youve never studied before. Then we'll be fine. Lets just do our best. Im going to start studying again nx week. This time ill make sure i understan everything that im reading. we can do this!
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    By the way, if you are gonna take it on february again. Ncbsn 3 weeks wont do much help. i tried it and after i couldnt remember anything.. it works i think if you get the 8 or 15 wks subscription. But it depends on the person though.
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    thankyou. but i already enrolled and i only have a month to study. take and take until we suced!
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    Yes.. but lets rock nclex this time! Reading the posts here on allnurses make me feel geared up lol. Lets make this our last take. Good luck and God bless marines girl. God is on our side.

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