Facing your fears. Passed the Nclex years after graduation

  1. I graduated from a BSN program about four years ago. I had the opportunity for a graduate study so I took that road. I knew I had to take the NCLEX exam but, each time I decided to take the exam life threw a curve ball and I didn't take it. Looking back, I was scared overwhelmed, stressed, and lazy sometimes. This year I made up my mind to take the exam and as usual I was falling into the same trend. I had to inform my family and friends, they helped me to stay accountable and focused.

    I took the exam in June with 265 questions and studied for 3 months but, I failed. I studied with Davis, NCLEX 3000 and Kaplan review. I wept for days because I was disappointed in myself and my worst fears came true. I turned to Allnurses for support and read lots of postings from people that failed and passed. I read the comments and threads and regained some strength (Thanks All Nurses!!!).

    Two months passed and I signed up to retake the test. This time I was going to do things differently. I made GOD my 1st and last study point. I focused on mostly the areas that needed review. I reviewed by studying the topics, answered pharmacology questions and alternative questions on the same topic (approximately 50 question each topic). I reviewed topics I was comfortable with when I was beaten down with the alternative questions of my weak areas. My study plan was a minimum of 8 hrs a day (4hrs in the morning and 4hrs at night) with 100 questions (80% of my time was on questions) for 2months. I believe carried out about 80% of the plan.

    I used the following for my 2nd attempt Simple Nursing (for explaining topics), Remarreview (concise information), NCSBNC (the questions were similar to Nclex. I did all modules of questions) and the flash med cards on my phone (love it, works for android too). The books I used were Davis, NCLEX -RN 250 new format, Pharmacology Success, Strategies for alternate item formats on the NCLEX RN, Prioritization Delegation and Assignment, Mosby Nursing Pharmacology rapid review and Nclex labs and reviews from postings. The last 2 weeks before my exam, I expanded my study into topics that we not frequently tested just because I felt NCLEX might throw a curve ball. I studied in detail topics like EKG, EKG+Labs & drugs Neuro and more pediatrics.

    At the end of October I took the exam at 8 am. I had 265 questions again and used every second given. I wasn't in a hurry. I read each question carefully and prayed at the end of each question, this time I passed. THANK YOU GOD. IF I can do it anybody can DO IT. Believe in yourself, study hard, know your weak areas, practice questions questions (it builds your confidence), prayer as hard as you study. I hope this helps somebody.

    Face your FEAR that is the only way you can overcome and it makes you stronger.
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  3. by   demetriagayle
    Congrats!!!!!!! Your post gives me hope I graduated in February and took it once got 265 and near passing in every category but failed I am getting ready to go test again next month.
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    Congrats ! Prayer works
  6. by   baveRN
    Thanks demetriagayle . Stay strong and focused. Pray and practice questions as much as you can. let me know if you need anything specific.
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    I graduated 3 years ago, I'm a licensed nurse from Puerto Rico, I'm struggling here. Thanks for share. Your story helps a lot.
    I suck at studying alone. Do you know some studying group I can contact?
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    Congratulations on passing! I have always been a poor test taker, but your story gives me so much hope! Thank you so much for sharing