Exam Cram- PN. What specifically was your study plan?

  1. Hello! I take the nclex-pn on monday, December 6th! This will be my second time taking it I wanted to know who else has studied from exam cram-pn and HOW exactly did you study from it. I know it pretty much tells you in the begining how to study from it but im curious. Did you think it helped and were you confident to take the nclex when you were done?

    The first time i didnt really actually study, i just tried to memorize a few key things and did maybe 300 practice questions total. I did all 205 questions maybe in 2 hours and i didnt take any breaks. I'm 5 months pregnant now sooo i will definately be taking every break offered! I have been studying hard core now for maybe 2 months.

    I used learning extension... which i loved at first and i took notes on and found the questions challenging. i havent made it all the way through because i found it really boring the further along i went but im going to do some more practice questions from their bank tomorrow most likely.

    I love the exam cram book. I have taken notes on every chapter and basically summarized the whole book in my green notebook lol. I then went over and reread my notes and highlighted and made flashcards on the very important stuff that will most likely be on the exam. So im done with the book completely but still working on the cd. I have done the first 2 adaptive drills and am now working on the 3rd so i can get to the simulated exam by at least saturday! Im finding these questions easier and easier and im nervous that if i all of the sudden decide to study from say... the Prentice Hall Hogan book that i would do awful on one of the practice tests and start freaking out!

    I just want other peoples opinions.. i feel now like i almost wasted my taking notes on the whole book and like maybe not enough information is sticking and i should have just stuck with the learning ext. and now that i am runnning out of time, i made a huge mistake!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Good luck on your test. If you don't feel prepared, then consider rescheduling and approaching it from a different angle. Instead of taking notes, do as many questions as possible and study the rationales.
  4. by   SarahShine
    Im doing Exam Cram to for the Nclex- pn , so far i like it and seen good reviews about the book i dont take mine until January sometimes... let me know how you do ! Good luck
  5. by   2011LPNJ29
    Try doing lacharity book too and not the case studies.I used exam cram,lacharity and Frye's 3000 bullets,Infection controls on this board,your lab values and prayers.I passed the 3rd time using the listed books.I also have a six months old,2years old and a girl years but you can do it.Goodluck..