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Hi everyone! I took my NCLEX this morning and of course I am VERY anxious! I don't know what to think, but I am setting myself up for the absolute worst, just in case I do indeed fail. All I kept praying and hoping for was for... Read More

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    It sounds like congratulations may be in order. To touch on your original question: If we're going to get any hints about pass/fail from the difficulty of the questions, we would have to have some objective measure of what is easy and what is hard. What I find simple might be tough for someone else - and vice versa.

    We know that certain question formats may represent higher or lower levels of material, but even that doesn't tell the whole story.
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    Does anyone know how accurate the 48hrs results are? I mean in terms of pearson having the results available to students in 48 hrs, or do they sometimes take longer? I took exam on Wednesday morning at 8am and finished at 9:45am. I also don't see anything on my state's website and I am starting to freak out all over again!
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    please disregard my last post, pearson has my results available, just waiting for my husband to come home and I'll open it (crossing fingers!!!!!!) I will follow up in a few!
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    Quick results are accurate just not official as the BON needs to issue a license and make it official. Can take a little longer than 48 hours. Time to appear on BON website will vary
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    I believe PVT is accurate, so congrats!!
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    i have question?
    how many your question about SATA?
    did you have question about side effect or adverse effect drugs?
    thanks alot
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    I finally found out Friday and yes I did PASS. Thank you everyone!
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    congrats! here's for you!!

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