Does Pearson Vue post results on a saturday?

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    Does anyone know if you can get nclex results on a Saturday?

    I took my nclex RN on Thursday...tried to check for my results today Saturday-but nothing posted. Im in NJ, I checked the NJ registry & it says "pending" for RN license. I did get the good pop-up tho on the PVT, now just waiting for my result.

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    Congrats…sounds as though you passed NCLEX!!!
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    Yup, they do quick results on Saturdays and Sundays. I tested on a Friday and got my results on that Sunday. My friends daughter tested last Thursday and found out that Saturday
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    Thanks for the replies...and yes it finally showed up. I PASSED. I didnt doubt the PVT, but its not official until its written on paper! All hard work payed off.. now just have to find sumone to hire me.
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    I am so happy to see that they process things on weekends. I took my exam at 8am today (Friday) Have been worried about the weekend (even thought I got the "good pop up!! )

    Still cant wait for official results though!

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