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Hello... I graduated in May this year in Michigan, and my husband accepted a job in Austin Texas. I need to take my NCLEX, but I am unsure whether I should or have to take it here or if it's... Read More

  1. by   starmickey03
    Quote from Patti_RN
    You should plan on taking the test in the state where you plan to if you took the NCLEX in Michigan you would have a Michigan nursing license.
    Thats not true. You dont have to take the test in the state you plan to work. And taking the test in a particular state doesnt mean that your license has to be in that state. You can take the test anywhere you want but you just have to apply to the BON in the state you plan to work in.

    Me for example: I live in Ohio and am going to take my test in Ohio. But I applied for a Texas license, therefore Pearsonvue will be sending my NCLEX results to the Texas BON.

    What Patty_RN is explaining is no longer the case. I learned from a nurse at work though that thats how it used to be done.
  2. by   Patti_RN
    Actually, I just applied for a license in another state and went through the application process, paid for that state's license and also paid for my BON to endorse (verify) my license. The total cost was close to $300--not including the license I have from my state of residence. This is EXACTLY the process. While it's certainly possible to take the exam in one state and apply to a different state's BON, this doesn't seem to be what the OP was asking (in fact, you could even make a little vacation out of taking the NCLEX and go to Japan, Australia, Guam, or Puerto Rico for the purpose of a domestic license).

    As far as license transfers, the following is an accurate guide:

    A Complete Guide to Transferring Your Nursing License to Another State | The BSN to Blog
  3. by   babyNP.
    Nope. I went to nursing school in state A, took the boards in state B (closest place at my time of choosing), and got my license in state C. Passed in 55 minutes with 75 questions...

    ....and now I would probably fail if I took it now. When watching a medical tv show and see the heart rate in the 50s, my NICU instincts made me jump, "CPR!!!!!!!!"