December test takers, put your smileys up! December test takers, put your smileys up! | allnurses

December test takers, put your smileys up!

  1. 0 Anyone else out there scheduled for December? Especially those of you who are repeat test takers! Let's support each other and beat the "monster".
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    My test is december 1. I am so nervous. My kaplan qbank scores are average 54% at the moment.
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    Ohhhh my... Taking mine in 16days.. 😁😀😉
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    Hi im a repeat test taker this coming december 4.. hopefully we can all pass, To God be the Glory.. St.Jude help us and pray for us..
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    hi i am a repeat test taker going to take it on 20 dec
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    Same here repeat test taker.. Prayer to everyone.. Goodluck..
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    NCLEX RN repeat test taker here scheduled for mid December.

    Prayers and good luck to all!

    Trust in the LORD
    with all your heart and lean not on your
    own understanding; in all your ways
    acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.
    Proverbs 3, 5-6
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    Prayers to everyone!!!! I have mine next week !!!!
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    My exam is Nov 24. I am not nervous, because I studied four months. Now I am tired. I do not care even if it fail, I will take it again. Please pray for me give me any advice if you have.

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    I am dec too! I will book the learning ext. Those of you who have repaeted the nclex have you ever done learning ext? how is it in comparison to the real thing? please let me know and good luck! lets keep each other motivated. lets keep our little dairy here with what we have accomplished each day.
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    aaaahhh going to take this December too..first time I'm soooo flippin nervous and anxious
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    Hi also taking my board exam this coming december...hope all of us gonna make it...godbless...

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    Mine is on Dec.7. Hopefully it will give me good news to welcome my new baby on Dec 21.