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Okay so I officially have 3 days left until the determining day of my life!!!...Tuesday I will be taking the NCLEX examination for the first time!..Up until today I have been doing nothing but questions and reviewing rationales... Read More

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    Quote from Maria L, BSN
    I'll be thinking and praying for you both - Chicago_RN and Dubs2012. Going to reread the notes I took from Saunders, write out my labs one last time, pray and try to get some sleep. I wasn't able to get through all of Saunders but I only had a few Ch. left and I completed Kaplan Readiness Test today with 82.76% so I feel I've done the most I can in the short time I had. May we all be RNs by this time tomorrow!
    I got the good pop up! Hope it's accurate!!!!
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    Got the good pop up and see my license# on Brn today :-)

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