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    Does anyone here who use kaplan RN qbank for nclex? Is this course online good for 3mos or does it make any difference if u can just have it 4 weeks bfore the exam?

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    Hey jessa11, the kaplan qbank is good for 3 if you decide to take it 4 weeks prior to your exam you can, so as long as it is within the 3 month period. Goodluck!
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    Thank you. Where did u avail the kapaln QT ? Is it included in my qbank?
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    It is separate.
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    Quote from s30zurfing
    It is separate..

    Thank you soo much. How was ur exam was it difficult? Is there similarity in kaplan qbank?
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    Your welcome, and it was challenging, I am waiting for the results in the mail. The style of the question I felt was similar to kaplan.
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    hello s30zurfing

    just like to ask when u did the kaplan qbank practice test did u score high as 60-70 percent?? sometimes i get frustrated when i get consistently below 60 percent scores...
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    Hey jessa11, I started from 38-58, then 60, and one exam I reached 72, the lowest was 22. And I know how you feel, but keep practicing answering questions and rationales. And I recommend PDA lacharity & nclex 3500 for SATA and client needs and if you have more time Saunders 5th edition for client needs but I only did a few for those and brush up on content. My mom just found out yesterday on the BON website that I passed. It still has not hit me yet, I want to see the actual results in the mail, ha. But I have also looked on the BON website and saw my name, did the pvt trick and it won't let me register to pay. GOODLUCK to you and you can do it!
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    Don't worry so much about your scores but just read the rationales and learn how to answer the questions. I only studied for a week and only used Kaplan Q banks and Question trainers right before my NCLEX and passed with 75 questions. I didn't go over content or any of that stuff I just learned from doing the Kaplan questions.

    Q1 - 58%
    Q2 - 60%
    Q3 - 50%
    Q4 - 56%
    Q5 - didn't do was lazy
    Q6 -56%
    Q7 - 50% Did not finish this I stopped at question 215 because I started Q7 the night before Nclex at 9pm and when it was 4am I was not done so I needed to get 3 hours of sleep and take my NCLEX at 8AM. So basically I did Q7 but didn't finish and did't even look over the rationales for what I did because I needed to go to sleep.

    As for the Q banks my average percentage is 50% and I only did 500 questions out of the 1172 questions available. Again I ran out of time to do questions.

    I felt kaplan prepared me how to answer the questions because I didn't know much content honestly. Any content that I learend was from doing Kaplan questions for 1 week. Kaplan question trainer 6 and 7 were really hard. Nclex questions were wayyyyyy easier.
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    Hung, With how many questions did you pass??

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