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Content review vs. questions to study for the NCLEX

  1. 0 I am about to graduate from nursing school. I don't know which is better way to study for the NCLEX. I heard that Hurst's content is very good content review and Kaplan just goes over strategy. Should I just go over questions and if so which books are the best books. I was considering just reviewing my HESI book but not going so in depth because that's what nursing school was for and then maybe buying a kaplan book. Are there books with NCLEX style questions to help you prepare?
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    I feel it all depends on you. If you're strong in content go with Kaplan & vice versa. Both are good.
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    What helped me pass was the Saunders book, I like it a lot because it goes in depth about the important things you need to know on the nclex I also used the Hurst Review which is really good because it makes learning a bit fun so it sticks with you and I also used iPhone NCLEX apps that helped me study during times I couldn't (traffic, waiting at the dentist office etc) good luck!
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    Which iphone app did you use or which one is the best?
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    Let me know apps too please or email me at
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    If you want just review questions, I would go with a mobile app. They are cheaper and more convenient than text books. Just look in the app store, there are plenty of good ones
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    I believed it depends on where you are weaker, in strategy or content. For me, am not good at content but am also learning content while i practice answering more questions. I also agree with ipad or iphone apps there are bunch of nclex prep there. I purchased the kaplan app and some others. When you're on the go, it is more convenient to study on app.
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    I used Lippincott NCLEX-RN (still covers LVN material), Lippincott's Med Surg, Silvestri Lite, and NCLEX Qbank. You can easily search NCLEX in the search bar in the App store and all of the apps I listed will show up