"The candidate currently has test results that are on hold" - page 3

I took the NCLEX Exam yesterday and few hours after my exam I logged on Pearson Vue hoping to get a good pop up as what others experienced. I did not rely on it 100% but the thing is it makes me feel better to also get a good... Read More

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    Quote from caur
    i am really sorry bluebonnet12 i fail my exam too...but ready to be in race again....we will kill nclex monster this time...but right now confuse bcoz i lost my 3 attempts with fl board do not know what to do now...
    Take your test in another state.

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    thanks @st_claire i will.
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    This particular popup has caused me to hyperventilate and my BP to go through the roof. I have always been a fast test taker in class and on Kaplans (usually finished with 100-180 before the rest of my class is close to 30-50). I spent a grand total of 23 minutes on the NCLEX RN and it shut off at 75q. I rush to my car (and my phone), only to get this popup...This was 2 hours ago and the popup is the same on phone, kindle, and computer...

    Here is to hoping for the best!
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    FreshLittleStudemt, I took mine today. I went to 75 questions and also took it pretty quickly. Did it ever go to the "good" pop up?
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    Yes, it went to the good popup about 5 hours after I finished my test.
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    I'm so nervous I receive that message on pearson vue that my scores were on hold what does that mean I all 265 questions scared so OMG please help me

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