Can I register for license in one state but take NCLEX in other

  1. Hi. I'm not sure if I posted this in the right spot or not. And I should know the answer to this but I'm trying to get confirmation b/c the state nursing boards tell me to call Pearson b/c they handle that, then Pearson tells me to call my state nursing boards! I'm not sure that they know what their doing sometimes.

    Anyhow. I'm wanting (in process of doing) to register for my nursing license in Wyoming b/c I have a job offer, but I live in Colorado. So I was wondering when Wy. approves my application is it then okay to take the NCLEX (thru Pearson, of course) in Colorado? I only ask b/c I will be living in Colorado until after I take my boards. I thought that I got information that said that it doesn't matter where you test b/c it's all the same.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    Thanks for your time
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  3. by   2brichielpn08
    I applied my license in CA and took my NCLEX in Washington DC. I dont think its a problem. You can take the exam anywhere you want but your result will still be coming on the Board that you applied your license to work as a nurse. The exam is all the same at Pearsonvue
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Yes you can sit the exam in any test center that does the NCLEX exam. As mentioned it doesn't matter as your results will go to the state that you applied to and issued your ATT
  5. by   kajh20
    One other thing. Can someone apply for a license in another state other than the one they live in? For example, I'm thinking of moving home to Oregon but I'm really not sure what to do and just wanted to find out the logistics (I live in Colorado). It seems like (well, the only two state board sites I've looked at anyways) each state requires you to have their state license to apply but maybe that's just Colorado.

    Oh and does it make much of a difference w/compact states verses non compact. I mean I know the benefits and differences but I mean if I needed to reverse my license from a non compact state (like Oregon) to a compact state (like Colorado), does it just take longer and cost more money to get a endorsement for another state? It doesn't seem like a big deal but I thought perhaps maybe someone has had first hand experience with this and could give me their input.

    I really appreciate your feedback, thanks for your info. thus far, its really helpful.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    There is nothing stopping you from training in one state and applying for initial licensure in another. You will still have to meet their requirements.

    My understanding of compact state is if you maintain a permanent residence in one state you can work in another as long as they are in the compact agreement. However if you move your primary residence to the new state you have to apply and get a license from that state.
  7. by   kajh20
    Hi. Thanks for your feedback. So to clarify, I live in Colorado (have job offer in Wy. which is not a compact state and I'm undecided at this point). Okay, the facts, I have taken my NCLEX RN 3 times already, all being back to back. I have one last time to test in Colorado per the new rule that was implemented the first of the year 09.

    I did well in my second degree BSN accelerated nursing program, came out with a 3.65. I've never been a good test taker but I took Kaplan and have many review books and other support people. I totally thought I passed the 2 and 3rd time and was dumbfounded when I did not pass and was even more confused as where to go from there.

    So, it's been really difficult to get any information from the state boards about this, although I will keep trying. So, my question is should I sit for Colorado boards, since I live here and do want to stay however, (the down side) if I don't pass then I have to go to another state anyways to test (I'm certain I will pass, but...). Financially I'm am struggling b/c I have literally invested all my time into this test (even doing self evaluation and CBT therapy) to ensure that I've set myself up for success. So, I'm not sure if it makes sense to apply for a license in another compact state. I guess I'm not even sure if I would be allowed to practice in Co. if I don't pass this next time, or if I would be allowed to get an endorsement to Co. after applying for license in another state.

    Ugg, am I making any sense at all? I'm not even sure myself, I'm so confused. I know you cannot tell me what to do and I'm not looking for that. I'm just hoping to get some feedback/input from others who may have experienced this or have heard of others who have had. Or, just a clear brain to help me sort this out. I would ask others around me but I don't have access to anyone that is familiar with this.

    Thanks in advanced, if I have confused you completely, I understand and would appreciate it if you knew of any other resources or contacts that may be able to direct me further.

    Thanks so much