Can anyone verify Pearson Vue "trick" April/May 2013?

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    Hi everyone---

    Took the NCLEX-RN Tuesday morning... I stressed and stressed and then came across the so-called "Pearson Vue 'Trick'" for checking scores early... Can anyone verify that this trick still works/is valid within the past week or so? Has anyone in Massachusetts used it recently? Was it correct?

    I want to believe that the "good" pop-up I got (1 hour ago) indicates a pass... but I can't figure out if this trick is still accurate...

    Any info would be SUPER appreciated.
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    if it did'nt ask for your credit card to pay again...then you passed. 99.9999% accurate.
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    I took the NCLEX-RN exam on Tuesday and got the good pop up today. As far as from what I've found online it is still true. I guess I'll find out for sure tomorrow when I check my quick results..
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    I hope so! Only about 6 hours until I find out for sure...
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    Good Luck! Soon.....
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    Oh, you poor anxious thing. You passed- now go get some sleep!

    And congrats!
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    Check Pearsonvue and see if quick results are available! Mine was available when I checked at 9 am, and sure enough I Paaassed!!!! You should be able to pay the 7.95 and get your results by now if you took it Tuesday because I also took mine Tues morning. Let us know!!
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    I also took my NCLEX-RN on Tuesday 4/30. I got the good pop-up, which made me feel a little better. I was sure I failed. I'm still waiting for my official results, but I'll update when I get them so future test takers will know if the trick still works. Good luck to everyone awaiting results.
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    I too left the exam feeling like I failed! I was already planning my new study regime for the second attempt. At first, when I tried the Pearsonvue trick, I got a pop saying that my results were "on hold". Then on Wed, the pop up changed to the good one stating that I already scheduled an exam and to contact the Board of Nursing. I was still reluctant to start celebrating though until I could physically see the "Pass" on Pearsonvue, but this trick seems to be a 100% indicator!
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    i took my my nclex last april 17 and got good pop up!! i just received letter thAt i passed yesterday may 2... after15 days of waiting:.. thanks to God
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