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California nclex results

  1. 0 Hey guys! I've been trying to find a recent posting on this, so I thought I'd start my own for some advice.

    I need the results of my Nclex (not my license, just "proof" that I passed) by July 20th for the start date of my Versant program. I just received my ATT last night and am scheduled for a June 25th test date.

    Has anyone taken boards in California? How long does it take to get your information up on the BRN website that you passed? I know that receiving my license can take months.

    Thank you for all your help! Just trying to figure out if I should reschedule my exam for a week earlier. :-)
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    I am taking mine July 3rd so Im not an expert. But from what Ive researched on other California posters, is that 1-2 weeks after you 'pass', you're name will appear on the BRN website with your RN number. I dont know if this will be sufficient proof or not for you.

    I did receive an email from my school saying the BRN is going to be experiencing delays this summer as they switch over to a new system. They said this would cause our ATTs to come late, but I got mine right away.
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    About a few years ago, some of my past classmates had paid online and have instant results within two days of taking the nclex. I waited for a week, check the nursing board on Tuesday when it updated. The wait is the hard part. I hope you the best! I don't know how it is like in 2013 concerning nclex testing.
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    California does not participate in online quick results.

    From what others have stayed CABRN it's about 1-2 weeks post NCLEX for results to post on CABRN. For RN in CA it seems passing NCLEX is final step unlike other states like NJ where once NCLEX is passed a BoN committee must review the application and approve for licensing (takes 3-8 weeks post NCLEX)

    BVNPT is a different process as you must wait for the pass letter, pay the license fee, then wait for the check to cash and license to post.