Below passing in pharmacology on what

  1. Despite graduating with a 3.6 gpa, I failed the nclex the 1st time in July 2013. I passed my pharmacology class with an A and passed the ATI with a level three and can't remember anything. I dont' know what happened to that information! After a deep and long depression, I am starting to come out of my funk and I am currently studying with Lippincott's review but it doesn't have much direct pharm review. I really want to pass this test the second time around. The fear of failing a second is almost crippling. Any advise?
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  3. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Have you done the ncsbn course? I did the 3 week course for $50. It has a pharm section that broke meds down by body systems & by med issues. I also used the saunders book to b/c after each body system there is a section for types of meds given & quizlet is a good site too
  4. by   ERLaw14
    So I heard these were good comes in a little spiral notecard, it has cartoons, mnemonics, short things you need to know of each drug and it separates in classes. Mosby's Pharmacology Memory NoteCards: Visual, Mnemonic, and Memory Aids for Nurses, 3rd Edition. I actually rented one from chegg to help with my nclex it's becoming useful information!!
  5. by   Helpfulchick22
    Thanks for the resources. I will definately check into them!
  6. by   faith246
    i am using pharmacology made insanley easy and i love it
  7. by   Hopeful_Rina
    Was pharm the only area you were below on?? I was told you could still pass NCLEX if you fail on one area. On pharm I would suggest focusing on the major drugs that you are more likely to encounter in the clinical setting, such as anti hypertensives, anti psychotics, and definitely anti inefectives. Know when to take them, how they should be taken and nursing considerations and adverse effects. Good luck
  8. by   Helpfulchick22
    No I was below on three areas total. My nerves were so bad on test day. I think that could have helped in the downfall on the boards
  9. by   nursephillyphil
    Nerves were the reason i failed the first time i took it, it really distracts you from being able to focus. For me, the best way to study them was by drug class, just know the expected outcomes for each, and BIG nursing considerations like if they should be taken on an empty stomach or with a meal. i'll send you an nclex cram sheet that should be helpful.
  10. by   meeks123
    Maybe you should get the nclex qbank app, it's free, but if you pay 5 dollars you can see the rationales which are helpful. That app has over 400 questions on pharm and is helpful, is by current clinical strategies.
  11. by   Helpfulchick22
    Thanks so much for all the help. I've been focusing more on my test taking strategies and decreasing my anxiety. 2nd test is in a couple of days. I just hope I've done enough. I also didn't tell anyone I wad taking it this time and I think that had helped my anxiety as well.
  12. by   Dajugama
    I took last friday. I encountered 3 pharma questions. It's a conversion table like mcg to mg. i really dont know about it.
  13. by   Helpfulchick22
    I can handle the math questions. I hopw you passed. Good luck to you.
  14. by   brunoman79
    How did you end up doing?!?!