Been 2 months since NY graduation. Where is my ATT?!

  1. Hi all. Very frustrated. Been 2 months since graduation. Paid all my dues to the State and to Pearson. Called Pearson last week and they told me the state hadn't sent them anything. Called the state and they said my school hadn't sent them anything. I know my school said they were sending everything by end of January. What is going on!??

    They told us not to take NCLEX more than 6 weeks after graduation! How is this fair? It's been plenty over 6 weeks. I need to get a job and start paying back loans.

    Other students also haven't received the ATT. Feel like I'm losing momento in studying and forgetting things, and procrastinating more studying.

    Anyone else deal with this?
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  3. by   obloom14
    Call your school make sure they send out your paperwork first. Then contact BON again.
  4. by   bluebeetle7
    Thanks. Yeah, i'll try again. So frustrating.
  5. by   LadyFree28
    Took my boards 6 months removed from my last nursing course. I had to take two required courses to graduate. Did the NCSBN prep, and tons of questions...passed the first time.

    Focus in the extra time studying. It doesn't always hurt to have a little more study time.
  6. by   bluebeetle7
    Thanks! Finally got ATT today! exactly 2 months later.