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    I was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge on when the ATT are released. I am very frustrated and nervous to get my ATT. I have been studying and was prepared to take my NCLEX June 18th. I graduated In May. I have a job already and feel awful having my employer wait on me! I understand there are many RN and LPN schools whom graduated though. Just anxious. I am from OH and applied to the BON March 30. I know my school sent our transcripts May 21. I tried contacting the OBON many times with no luck in response via email or phone. I have to have my results by July 1st to start in July. Does this still seem possible? Thanks for any insight anyone can give on what the expected wait time/testing dates or any other relative information. I appreciate it!

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    I'm in Iowa and the time between when I graduated and actually got my ATT was a little over one month. Luckily my BON was cooperative with me when I started calling them. Their website states to call if its been more than 3 weeks since you applied. Since i had applied longer than that time frame they were very helpful in getting things processed ASAP. Fortunately , my prospective employer was very understanding. Good luck !
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    It depends how quickly your State BON processes your paperwork and reviews it to be sure you are eligible for the NCLEX. This time of year is nuts for most BON b/c of all the schools graduating around the same time.

    I graduated 5/17, our transcripts (the final piece of info the State needs in order to notify PearsonVue to send ATT) were sent on 5/23 and I recieved my ATT on 5/30. I was able to schedule my NCLEX for 6/6.
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    Wow CT Pixie! That's really great you were able to get your ATT in a timely manner!

    Mchssrn8813 I hope that's all the longer I have to wait. My employeer is very kind too! I just feel so bad because they offered me the job the first week of April. Ohio BON stated to call if it has been longer than two weeks. So naturally, I have emailed and done just that with no luck. I'm starting to wonder if anyone actually works there. Lol

    Thanks to you both!
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    Best of luck to you !
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    Quote from Nurse7970
    Wow CT Pixie! That's really great you were able to get your ATT in a timely manner!
    Thanks to you both!
    They (the BON) actually processed my application in record time too! Mailed it late afternoon, it was processed and showed up on the website within 2 day!

    However, getting an actual license number is another thing. I found out I passed on Saturday...still awaiting my licnese number to show up!
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    Wow. I wish I was from your state. Haha you seem to be having some great luck! what did you think of the NCLEX? Everyone I know is a buzz about this new test plan. I'm using kaplan and I feel like its pretty good prep and feel prepared to the best of my abilities, although I haven't seen the NCLEX. Lol
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    There is nothing new in terms of content. The changes are two-fold.
    1. They are raising the passing line from the previous test (they are expecting 3-5% less passing test takers)
    2. They are increasing the percentage of the test for Management of Care to 17-23% which is up 1% from the previous test
    They are increasing the percentage of the test for Safety & Inf Control to 9-15% which is up 1% from the previous test
    They are decreasing the percentage of the test for Pharm & Parenteral Therapy to 12-18% which is down 1% from the last test
    They are decresing the percentage of the test for Risk potential to 9-15% which is down 1% from the last test.

    I used only Kaplan. I found the NCLEX to be almost exactly the same as Kaplan...right down to how the screens looked and the colors!
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    That's all I heard about the changes too. Which is okay. I mean stinks they raised passing, but just gotta keep working hard.
    I really like kaplan! I feel we'll prepared. I'm happy to hear you used it too and it worked for you!
    My school uses their integrated program so I'm very familiar with it. How did you do on your QTs and Qbank... If you don't mind me asking! No problem if so!
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    I don't mind at all. I am on my phone and don't have the specific scores handy. I'll post them later.

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