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anyone up for random BRAINSTORMING!!!

  1. 0 i love to study with a group, brainstorming with my friends and throwing out random facts...i been studying for 3mos now and im still not test is coming and the more i try to study some content the more i realize that i forgot...

    here are my "things to remember" or my random facts

    i-nsulin [type1]
    a-ntidiabetic agents {type2}
    b-lood sugar monitoring
    t-riglyceride level >250mg/dl; hdl cholesterol level <35mg/dl
    e- nsure adequate food intake
    s- elf- monitoring of blood glucose (smbg)
    s-kin and foot care
    s-trict monitoring for complication: hypoglycemia-insulin reaction
    hyperglycemia-diabetic ketoacidosis
    diabetic retinopathy

    h-istamine antagonist

    self-esteem disturbance
    b-ulimia nervosa
    a-nxiety disorder

    okie!!!your turn...

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    See the sticky that states " random fact throwing
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    Check out the random facts sticky. It is extensive.